Korni Grupa ‎– Not an Ordinary Life (1974)

Not an Ordinary Life is the second album by Yugoslavian symphonic/jazz-rock band Korni Grupa, credited here as Kornelyans. The album was released in 1974 on RTB. Tracklist: A1. “Rising” (2:15) A2. “Not an Ordinary Life” (10:20) A3. “Generation 1942” (6:17) B1. “Fall of the Land of Woman” (5:17) B2. “Temporary Parting” (4:00) B3. “Man With […]

Korni Grupa

Korni Grupa were a Yugoslav symphonic-rock band from Beograd, Serbia, that was active for six years, starting in 1968. The band released a string of shortplayers on RTB between 1969 and 1971, followed by a self-titled album on the label in 1972. The nameplate was momentarily modified to Kornelyans for the popular 1974 release Not […]

Korni Grupa ‎– Korni Grupa (1972)

Korni Grupa is the debut album by the namesake Yugoslavian jazz-rock/psych band, released in 1972 on RTB. Tracklist: A1. “Glas sa obale boja” (4:25) A2. “Put za istok” (14:13) —a. Prvi dan —b. Drugi dan —c. Dilema —d. Zemlja B1. “Moj bol” (10:20) B2. “Bezglave ja-ha horde” (6:42) B3. “Tata Ko. i mama Spo.” (4:09) […]