Utopia was an American maximalist-rock band that released six studio albums and a live disc on Bearsville between 1974 and 1982, followed by three further albums on Network and Passport. The band was formed by musician/producer Todd Rundgren and initially featured a six man lineup, as heard on Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (1974). By the time […]

Utopia – POV (1985)

POV is a 1985 album by Utopia. The release would mark the eighth and final studio outing of the classic lineup of Rundgren, Sulton, Powell, and Wilcox. Musically, the album advances the hi-tech approach of Oblivion. Highlights include the neon-powered “Zen Machine” and “More Light,” the vibe-toned Fairlight mid-pacer “Mimi Gets Mad,” and the anthemic […]

Utopia – Oblivion (1983)

Oblivion is a 1983 album by American foursome Utopia. The music refines the player’s recent embrace of hi-tech electronic equipment — a trend previewed on the earlier Swing to the Right LP, as well as on Todd Rundgren’s two most recent solo albums, Healing and The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect. In contrast to the […]

Utopia ‎– Oops! Wrong Planet (1977)

Oops! Wrong Planet is the third studio album by American art-rock/pop band Utopia, released in September 1977 on Bearsville. Tracklist: A1. “Trapped” (3:07) A2. “Windows” (4:21) A3. “Love in Action” (3:29) A4. “Crazy Lady Blue” (3:40) A5. “Back on the Street” (4:12) A6. “Marriage of Heaven and Hell” (4:38) B1. “Martyr” (3:52) B2. “Abandon City” (3:53) […]

Utopia – Ra (1977)

Ra is the second studio album by American art-rock/space-rock band Utopia, released in February 1977 on Bearsville. The album is the first under the band nameplate to feature the classic lineup of Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell, and John Wilcox. Tracklist: A1. “Overture / Communion With the Sun” (7:15) A2. “Magic Dragon Theatre” (3:28) […]

Utopia – Adventures in Utopia (1980)

Adventures in Utopia is the fourth studio album by American art-rock/pop band Utopia, released in January 1980 on Bearsville. Tracklist: A1. “The Road to Utopia” (4:53) A2. “You Make Me Crazy” (3:38) A3. “Second Nature” (2:34) A4. “Set Me Free” (3:07) A5. “Caravan” (6:59) B1. “Last of the New Wave Riders” (4:19) B2. “Shot in the […]