Kalima ‎– Kalima! (1988)

Kalima! is the second full-length album by the namesake Mancunian jazz-pop ensemble, released in 1988 on Factory. Tracklist: 1. “That Twinkle (In Your Eye)” (4:47) 2. “Casabel” (3:17) 3. “Sad and Blue” (4:21) 4. “Over the Waves” (3:36) 5. “Now You’re Mine” (3:28) 6. “The Strangest Thing” (4:39) 7. “Special Way” (3:55) 8. “Autumn Leaves” […]

Kalima ‎– Night Time Shadows (1986)

Night Time Shadows is the debut full-length album by Mancunian jazz-pop ensemble Kalima, released in 1986 on Factory. The 2004 CD reissue of the album on LTM Recordings includes the band’s 1984/85 shortplayers for an additional 30 minutes of music. Tracklist: A1. “Mystic Rhymes” (5:19) A2. “After Hours” (4:09) A3. “Green Dolphin Street” (3:09) A4. […]


Kalima were an English jazz-pop ensemble that released one EP, three singles, and three albums between 1984 and 1990. The band comprised alumni from earlier Mancunian acts A Certain Ratio and Swamp Children. Members: Martin Moscrop (drums), Tony Quigley (bass, saxophone), Andrew Connell (piano, synthesizer, vibraphone), Jez Kerr (bass guitar), Ann Quigley (vocals), Cliff Saffer […]