Júlio Pereira

Júlio Pereira (born Dec. 22, 1953) is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and composer who initially emerged as an early member of Petrus Castrus, playing on the band’s first two singles and Mestre album during the early 1970s. In 1973, he teamed with vocalist Carlos Cavalheiro in the heavy-psych combo Xarhanga, which issued two singles on Zip-Zip. […]

Petrus Castrus

Petrus Castrus were a Portuguese symphonic-rock band that was active through most of the 1970s, serving as a launching pad for musician/composer Júlio Pereira. The band released two EPs on Decca circa 1971/72, followed by the 1973 Guilda da Música longplayer Mestre. In 1977, the band returned with a single on Imavox, followed in 1978 […]