Intergalactic Touring Band

The Intergalactic Touring Band was a fictitious group of British and American singers and musicians that recorded a sci-fi concept album, produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas and released on Passport Records (US) and Charisma (UK) in 1977. The songs were written and arranged by Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone. Intergalactic Touring Band features […]

Jon Lucien – Mind’s Eye (1974)

Mind’s Eye is the third album by Caribbean soul singer Jon Lucien, released in 1974 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “A Sunny Day” (2:37) A2. “A Prayer for Peace” (3:53) A3. “Adoration” (4:47) A4. “So Little Time” (2:59) A5. “Listen Love” (6:35) B1. “The Pleasure of Your Garden” (2:15) B2. “World of Joy” (4:58) B3. “The […]

Tim Moore – Behind the Eyes (1975)

Behind the Eyes is the second solo album by American singer/songwriter Tim Moore, released in 1975 on Asylum. Tracklist: A1. “For the Minute” (3:40) A2. “Lay Down a Line to Me” (4:45) A3. “(I Think I Wanna) Possess You” (5:00) A4. “Now I See” (3:10) A5. “Rock and Roll Love Letter” (4:24) B1. “If Somebody […]

Henry Gaffney – Waiting for a Wind (1976)

Waiting for a Wind is the first of two albums by American singer/songwriter Henry Gaffney, released in 1976 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “I’m Waiting for a Wind” (2:59) A2. “Over My Shoulder” (3:24) A3. “Manhattan” (3:00) A4. “Nightmare” (3:31) A5. “Can I Rely on You” (3:17) B1. “If Only the Weather Would Change” (3:16) B2. […]

Michael Franks ‎– Passionfruit (1983)

Passionfruit is the eighth studio album by American jazz-pop singer/songwriter Michael Franks, released in 1983 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Alone at Night” (4:35) A2. “Never Satisfied” (3:51) A3. “Amazon” (5:40) A4. “Now That Your Joystick’s Broke” (2:48) A5. “Sunday Morning Here With You” (4:33) B1. “Never Say Die” (3:26) B2. “Rainy Night in Tokyo” (4:42) […]

Spyro Gyra ‎– Morning Dance (1979)

Morning Dance is the second album by American Latin-jazz/rock ensemble Spyro Gyra, released in 1979 on MCA/Infinity. Tracklist: A1. “Morning Dance” (3:58) A2. “Jubilee” (4:31) A3. “Rasul” (3:56) A4. “Song for Lorraine” (3:59) A5. “Starburst” (4:48) B1. “Heliopolis” (5:34) B2. “It Doesn’t Matter” (4:27) B3. “Little Linda” (4:21) B4. “End of Romaticism” (5:18) Credits: Chet […]

Sylvia ‎– Sylvia (1976)

Sylvia is the second solo album by American R&B vocalist/producer Sylvia Robinson, released in 1976 on Vibration Records. Tracklist: A1. “L.A. Sunshine” (3:40) A2. “You Sure Love to Ball” (5:49) A3. “He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove” (5:05) A4. “Next Time That I See You” (4:53) B1. “Sweet Stuff” (4:24) B2. “Taxi” (4:07) B3. “Mr. […]

Roberta Flack – Blue Lights in the Basement (1977)

Blue Lights in the Basement is an album by American vocalist/songwriter Roberta Flack, released in 1977 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Why Don’t You Move in With Me” (4:51) A2. “The Closer I Get to You” (4:39) A3. “Fine, Fine Day” (4:49) A4. “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” (4:23) A5. “25th of Last December” (4:31) B1. […]

Intergalactic Touring Band ‎– Intergalactic Touring Band (1977)

Intergalactic Touring Band is a 1977 sci-fi concept album produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas for Passport Records. The songs are alternately credited to Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone and performed by variable casts of English and American musicians and vocalists, including Rod Argent (Argent), Dave Cousins (Strawbs), Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Arthur Brown, Meat […]

Luiz Bonfá – Jacarandá (1973)

Jacarandá is an album by Brazilian samba-pop guitarist/songwriter Luiz Bonfá, released in 1973 on Som Livre. Tracklist: A1. “Apache Talk” (6:40) A2. “Jacarandá” (3:59) A3. “Gentle Rain” (5:45) A4. “You or Not to Be” (2:30) A5. “Strange Message” (3:26) B1. “Don Quixote” (3:28) B2. “Song Thoughts” (3:23) B3. “Danse V” (5:43) B4. “Empty Room” (6:52) B5. […]

Billy Cobham – Spectrum (1973)

Spectrum is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock drummer Billy Cobham, released in 1973 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Quadrant 4” (4:30) A2. “Searching for the Right Door / Spectrum” (6:33) A3. “Anxiety / Taurian Matador” (4:45) B1. “Stratus” (9:50) B2. “To the Women in My Life / Le lis” (4:00) B3. “Snoopy’s Search / Red […]