Kensington Market

Kensington Market was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Toronto that released five singles and the 1968–69 Warner albums Avenue Road and Aardvark. Members: Luke Gibson (vocals), Keith McKie (guitar, vocals), Alex Darou (bass), Eugene Martynec (piano, guitar), John Mills-Cockell (keyboards, 1969), Jimmy Watson (drums) Background Kensington Market formed in May 1967 when singer–guitarist Keith […]

John Mills-Cockell

John Mills-Cockell (born May 19, 1943) is a Canadian electronic musician who recorded three albums with the experimental combo Intersystems in 1967/68, followed by a brief stint with psych-rockers Kensington Market. He then formed the electronic trio Syrinx, which issued two albums on True North in 1970/71. As a solo artist, he released two albums […]


Syrinx were a Canadian electronic/psych band from Toronto that released two albums on True North Records in 1970/71. The band featured ex-Intersystems/Kensington Market keyboardist John Mills-Cockell, who subsequently issued a string of solo and soundtracks works. Members: John Mills-Cockell (piano, organ), Doug Pringle (saxophone), Malcolm Tomlinson (drums, vocals), Allan Wells (percussion) Discography: Syrinx (1970) Long […]