Atomic Rooster

Atomic Rooster was an English hard-rock band that released back-to-back albums on B&C/Fontana in 1970, followed by three albums on Pegasus and Dawn between 1971 and 1973. After a six-year pause in activity, the band reconvened for two albums on EMI and PVC/Passport between 1980 and 1983. The band was formed from the ashes of […]

The Attack

The Attack was an English psych-rock combo that issued four singles on Decca in 1967/68. The band distinguished itself as one of the more thunderous purveyors of the freakbeat/pop-psych sounds then in vogue on the UK scene. Sadly, the band’s lineup never stabilized and no proper album materialized during their existence. Guitarist John Du Cann […]

Atomic Rooster ‎– Death Walks Behind You (1970)

Death Walks Behind You is the second album by English rock combo Atomic Rooster, released in September 1970 on B&C Records. Tracklist: A1. “Death Walks Behind You” (7:23) A2. “VUG” (5:00) A3. “Tomorrow Night” (4:00)* A4. “7 Streets” (6:44) B1. “Sleeping for Years” (5:27) B2. “I Can’t Take No More” (3:34) B3. “Nobody Else” (5:01) […]