Zoldar & Clark

Zoldar & Clark were an American symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Dellwood in 1977. The band was led by former-Jasper Wrath/future-Arc Angel frontman Jeff Cannata. Members: Jeff Cannata [aka Cannata] (drums, guitar, woodwinds, lead vocals), Jeff Batter (piano, synthesizer, vocals), Michael Soldan (Mellotron, synthesizer, lead vocals), James Christian (lead vocals, guitar), Phil […]

Arc Angel

Arc Angel were an American melodic/hard-rock band from New Haven, Conn., that released a self-titled album on Portrait in 1983. The members previously recorded together in the 1970s-era bands Jasper Wrath, Zoldar & Clark, and Arden House. Frontman/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cannata later released a string of albums under his surname and reactivated the Arc Angel nameplate […]

Jasper Wrath ‎– Jasper Wrath (1971)

Jasper Wrath is the singular album by the namesake American hard-rock/psych band, released in 1971 on Sunflower. Tracklist: A1. “Look to the Sunrise” (2:55) A2. “Mysteries (You Can Find Out)” (3:50) A3. “Autumn” (4:45) A4. “Odyssey” (7:10) B1. “Did You Know That” (2:55)* B2. “Drift Through Our Cloud” (3:30) B3. “Portrait: My Lady Angelina” (5:00) […]