Ablution was a Swedish jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1974 on CBS. Four of its members played in the earlier one-off Baltik. The band also included two-thirds of English hard-rockers Quatermass. Members: Barry de Souza (drums, trumpet), Björn J:son Lindh (flute, piano), Janne Schaffer (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Malando Gassama (percussion), Ola […]

Janne Schaffer – Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP (1974)

Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP is the second solo album by Swedish jazz-rock guitarist Janne Schaffer, released in 1974 on Ljudspår. Tracklist: A1. “Dr Abraham” (5:05) A2. “Ugglor i mossen” (2:40) A3. “Scales” (5:00) A4. “Kulan växer” (4:12) A5. “Luftlandsättning Avd. 60” (1:10) B1. “Underhuggaren” (5:40) B2. “Den gåtfulla jungfrun” (4:10) B3. “Ryska posten” (5:25) B4. […]

Pop Workshop ‎– Song of the Pterodactyl (1974)

Song of the Pterodactyl is the second of two albums by Swedish/Polish jazz-rock operative Pop Workshop, released in 1974 on Grammofonverket. Tracklist: A1. “Prehistoric Bird” A2. “Song of the Pterodactyl” A3. “High Priest” A4. “Dillema” B1. “Watussi Dance” B2. “Mammoth” B3. “Ozzy Bear” B4. “Kuyaviak Goes Funky“ Credits: Tony Williams — drums Mads Vinding — bass […]

Janne Schaffer

Janne Schaffer (born Sept. 24 1945) is a Swedish jazz-rock guitarist, composer, and session musician who has released more than 20 albums in solo and combo configurations since 1973. Discography: Janne Schaffer (aka The Chinese, 1973) Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP (1974) Katharsis (1976) Earmeal (1978) Presens (1980) Blå passager och röda vågor (1982) Traffic (1985) […]