Robert Lamm ‎– Skinny Boy (1974)

Skinny Boy is the solo debut album from Chicago keyboardist/vocalist/composer Robert Lamm. Released in 1974, it would be his only solo effort for another 19 years. Tracklist: A1. Temporary Jones A2. Love Song A3. Crazy Way to Spend a Year A4. Until The Time Runs Out A5. Skinny Boy B1. One Step Forward Two Steps […]

James Vincent ‎– Space Traveler (1976)

Space Traveler is the sophomoric solo release by guitarist James Vincent, issued in 1976 on James William Guercio’s Caribou Records label. The album features backing vocals by Vincent’s former-Exception bandmate Peter Cetera. Tracklist: A1. The Garden A2. Mankind A3. Drifting Into Love A4. Alone A5. Space Traveler A6. Firefly B1. Song for Jayme B2. How […]

James Vincent ‎– Culmination (1974)

Culmination is the debut album by American jazz-rock musician James Vincent, released in 1974 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “The Deer (Elder Brother)” (4:15) A2. “Controlled Folly” (8:20) A3. “Plains of Nazca” (6:06) A4. “Algernon I” (2:17) A5. “Brain Subway” (6:05) B1. “Divinity / Freedom Struggle” (8:34) B2. “Duplex” (7:00) B3. “Algernon II” (5:51) B4. “Declamation” (6:10) […]