James Gang

The James Gang was an American hard-rock band that debuted with the 1969 Bluesway release Yer’ Album, followed by four studio albums and a live disc on ABC Records, including the popular 1970/71 titles Rides Again and Thirds. Two songs, “Funk #49” and “Walk Away,” remain staples of classic rock radio. Multiple guitarists passed through […]

James Gang ‎– James Gang Rides Again (1970)

James Gang Rides Again is the second album by American hard-rock band the James Gang, released in 1970 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Funk #49” (3:54) A2. “Asshtonpark” (2:04) A3. “Woman” (4:37) A4. “The Bomber” (7:04) — a. Closet Queen — b. Bolero — c. Cast Your Fate to the Wind B1. “Tend My Garden” (5:44) […]

James Gang ‎– Thirds (1971)

Thirds is the third album by American hard-rock/art-rock band the James Gang, released in 1971 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Walk Away” (3:32) A2. “Yadig?” (2:30) A3. “Things I Could Be” (4:18) A4. “Dreamin’ in the Country” (2:57) A5. “It’s All the Same” (4:10) B1. “Midnight Man” (3:28) B2. “Again” (4:04) B3. “White Man / Black Man” […]