Jericho Jones

Jericho Jones was an Israeli hard-rock band that evolved from The Churchill’s, which made a 1968 pop-psych album in Tel Aviv with ex-Tornadoes guitarist Robb Huxley. They moved to London as Jericho Jones and signed with A&M for the 1971 album Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys, followed by a 1972 eponymous album as Jericho. Members: Robb […]

The Platina

The Platina were an Israeli jazz-rock ensemble that was active from 1971 to 1976, first serving as the backing band for Tel Aviv singer/songwriter Arik Einstein. As an autonomous outfit, Platina released one live album and a studio set on Isradisc circa 1973/74. Concurrently, the band collaborated with singer/songwriter Chava Alberstein on a 1974 album for […]


Zingale were an Israeli symphonic/jazz-rock octet that was active during the mid-to-late 1970s. The band released the album Peace in 1977 on Krypton. CD reissues of the album contain six archival tracks from previously unreleased 1974 and 1976 sessions by the band. Members: Ephraim Barak (electric guitar, keyboards, vocals), Ehud Tamir (bass, keyboards, vocals), David […]


Sheshet — ש ש ת — were an Israeli symphonic/jazz-rock band that released an eponymous album in 1977 on CBS. Flutist/vocalist Shem-Tov Levy and guitarist/vocalist Yehudith Ravitz also recorded solo albums during this period. Members: שם טוב לוי [Shem-Tov Levy] (flute, recorder, vocals), יהודית רביץ [Yehudith Ravitz] (guitar, percussion, vocals), Shmulik Budagov (guitar, vocals), Shumlik Aroch, […]

Chava Alberstein

Chava Alberstein (born Dec. 8, 1947) is a Polish-born Israeli folk singer/songwriter and guitarist who made her debut with the 1967 album Lilacs on CBS. In a career that has spanned half a century, she has released more than 40 albums. Popular works include her 1974 collaboration with jazz-rock ensemble Platina and her lush 1975 […]

Rimona Francis

Rimona Francis is an Israeli jazz vocalist, pianist, and composer who recorded sporadically during the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1969, she released two albums with orchestral conductor Stu Hacohen on the Israphon and Hed-Arzi labels. The mid-’70s found Francis in backing mode. Her ARP Solina playing and vocals feature on the 1976 album Majesty […]


Kaveret — aka Poogy — were an Israeli art-pop/comedy band that released two albums on Hed Arzi in 1973 and 1974. The band’s third and final album appeared 15 years after the second. Members: סנדרסון דני [Danny Sanderson] (guitar), גידי גוב [Gidi Gov] (lead vocals), אלון אולארצ’יק [Alon Oleartchik] (bass, vocals), אפרים שמיר [Ephraim Shamir] […]