Rumplestiltskin was an English hard-rock/psych studio band that released a 1970 self-titled album on Bell Records, followed by a 1972 second, Black Magician, on the German Bellaphon label. The members also recorded instrumental-psych albums as Hungry Wolf and Ugly Custard. Members: Peter Lee Stirling [Peter Charles Greene, aka Daniel Boone] (vocals), Alan Hawkshaw [aka Jeremy […]

Hungry Wolf

Hungry Wolf was an English brass-rock/psych studio project that yielded a self-titled album on Philips in 1970. The band consisted of session players and library musicians that concurrently grouped under the monikers Rumplestiltskin and Ugly Custard. Most tracks on the Hungry Wolf album were re-titled/repurposed on the Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw KPM Music release Music for […]