Piramis were a Hungarian hard-rock band from Budapest, formed in 1974. The band released six albums and a live recording on Pepita between 1977 and 1982. Members: Lajos Som (bass guitar, 1974-82), Miklós Köves (drums, 1974-present), János Závodi (lead guitar, 1974-present), Péter Gallai (keyboards, vocals, 1974-present), Tibor Lévay (vocals, keyboards, 1975), Sándor Révész (vocals, rhythm […]


Syrius were a Hungarian jazz-rock band that was active through numerous lineups for 16 years, starting in 1962. The band appeared as Syrius Együttes on a string of split-singles released by Qualiton during the late 1960s. Between 1972 and 1976, the band released two albums on Pepita. Keyboardist Jackie Orszáczky departed for Australia after the […]


Supergroup was a Hungarian jazz-rock project comprised of prolific players from the ’70s/’80s Budapest music scene. The project yielded a live album on Pepita in 1982. Members: László Dés (saxophone), István Lerch (synthesizer, piano), János Másik (synthesizer, piano), Tibor Tátrai (guitar), János Karácsony (guitar), Tamás Tóth (bass), János Solti (drums), Gábor Szende (drums) Discography: Live […]


Solaris are a Hungarian symphonic-rock band from Budapest, formed in 1980. The band released their popular first album, Marsbéli Krónikák, in 1984 on the Start label, followed at lengthy intervals by two further studio sets over the next 15 year. Three decades after their debut, the band recorded a sequel disc. Members: Róbert Erdész (keyboards), […]


Skorpio were a Hungarian hard-rock/funk band that released six albums on Pepita between 1974 and 1981. Members: Károly Frenreisz (vocals, bass, saxophone), Antal Gábor Szűcs (guitar, vocals, 1973-79, 1985-93), Gyula Papp (keyboards, 1973-79), Gábor Fekete (drums, vocals, 1973-76), Gábor Németh (drums, vocals, 1976-79), Tibor Tátrai (guitar, 1979-83), Tamás Papp (drums, vocals, 1979-93), Géza Pálvölgyi (keyboards, […]

Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei were a Hungarian symphonic-rock band from Debrecen, formed in 1974. The band released a pair of shortplayers on Pepita circa 1978/79, followed by an album on that label in 1981. Recordings from the 1976/77 era would later surface on the digital bootleg Bartok. The band evolved into P.R. Computer, which released an electronic […]

P.R. Computer

P.R. Computer were a Hungarian electronic trio that released a self-titled album on the Start label in 1983. Two years earlier, the band released an eponymous album under the name Panta Rhei. Members: Kálmán Matolcsy (synthesizer), András Szalay (bass, synthesizer), Sándor Szalay [aka Alex Szalay] (guitar, synthesizer) Discography:  P.R. Computer (1983)


Omega are a Hungarian rock band from Budapest, active through several lineups and style changes since 1962. During the 1970s, the band released a string of albums on Pepita, some with corresponding English-sung versions on Bacillus. Members: János Kóbor (vocals, guitar), László Benkő (keyboards, trumpet, flute, vocals), András Kovacsics (guitar, 1962-67), István Varsányi (bass, 1962-67), […]


Peter Ogi is a Hungarian-born musician and composer who released a New Wave/art-pop album under the moniker O.G.I. on the French Pathé label in 1980. Discography:  O.G.I. (1980)


Mini were a Hungarian jazz-rock band that first performed as Mini Együttes, releasing three 1972 singles on Pepita under the nameplate. The band released three albums and a live recording on the label between 1978 and 1983. Members: Ádám Török (vocals, flute), Zoltán Kiss (bass, 1968), Sándor Dobos (drums, 1968-70), Tibor Czipó (bass, guitar, 1968-71), […]

Locomotiv GT

Locomotiv GT were a Hungarian blues/rock/funk band from Budapest that was active for 45 years, starting in 1971. The band’s first decade yielded more than a dozen albums on Pepita. Members: Gábor Presser (keyboards, vocals), Károly Frenreisz (bass, saxophone, vocals, 1971-73), Tamás Barta (guitar, 1971-74), József Laux (drums, 1971-76), Tamás Somló (bass, saxophone, vocals, 1973-2016), […]


Kormorán is a Hungarian folk-rock ensemble from Budapest, started in 1976. The band debuted with the popular Folk & Roll album on Pepita in 1984 and released seven further albums on assorted labels through the remainder of the decade. Members: Gergely Koltay ([Turkish] pipe, flute, recorder), György Bártfai (drums), Miklós Borhi (guitar), Tibor Czipó (bass), […]


Korál are a Hungarian hard-rock band from Budapest, formed in 1974. The band released multiple singles on Pepita during the second half of the 1970s, followed by three albums for the label between 1980 and 1984. Members: Ferenc Balázs [aka Fecó Balázs], (vocals, keyboards), Pál Makrai (guitar, 1974-76), András Kozma (bass, 1974-76), Győző Brunner (drums, […]


Kaszakő were a Hungarian jazz-rock band that was active for 10 years, starting in 1975. The band appeared on a 1977 split-single on Pepita and a 1981 various-artists live album on Krém. The latter label released the band’s singular album, Édenkert, in 1983. Members: Attila László (guitar), Kornél Horváth (flute, percussion), Endre Juhász (oboe, 1975-79), […]

Gonda Sextet

János Gonda (born Jan. 13, 1932) is a Hungarian pianist who played on various jazz anthology albums for Qualiton/Hungaroton during the 1960s. In 1976, his surnamesake sextet released the album Sámánének on Pepita. A solo album followed in 1980. Discography: Sámánének (1976 • Gonda Sextet) Vonzások és választások (1980 • Gonda János) Keyboard Music (1986 […]

George Jinda

George Jinda (June 4, 1941 — Jan. 11, 2001) was a Hungarian drummer, composer, and producer who played with the French jazz-rock supergroup Speed Limit on two albums during the mid-1970s. Concurrently, the band backed him on his singular headlining album from the era, The Wheel of Love, released in 1975 on Motors Thanks for […]


Generál were a Hungarian pop/rock-funk band that released five albums on Pepita between 1973 and 1979. Members: Gábor Novai (bass, vocals), Sándor Révész (vocals, 1971-75), István Ákos (vocals, guitar, 1971-74), János Karácsony (guitar, vocals, 1971-74), Lajos Reck (drums, 1971-74), Annamária Herczku (vocals, 1972-76), Éva Várszegi (vocals, 1972-76), Hédi Selényi (vocals, 1972-73), Mátyás Várkonyi (keyboards, vocals, […]


Fonográf were a Hungarian pop/rock band that released six albums between 1974 and 1980 on Pepita. Members: János Bródy (guitar, steel guitar), Levente Szörényi (vocals, guitar), Szabolcs Szörényi (bass, vocals), László Tolcsvay (vocals, keyboards, guitar, banjo), Mihály Móricz (guitar, vocals), Oszkár Németh (drums, percussion) Discography: Fonográf (1974) Gyerekjátékok (1975) FG-4 (1976) Edison Fonográf album (1977) […]


Color were a Hungarian art-rock band that released three split-singles and two albums on Pepita between 1977 and 1982. Members: Gyula Bokor (keyboards, vocals, 1975-84), Tibor Bokor (bass, vocals, 1975-84), Attila Bokor (drums, vocals, 1975-81), Emil Lámer (guitar, 1975-80), László Pólya (violoncello, vocals, 1975-80), Miklós “F.F. Miki” Felkai (guitar, keyboards, 1980-86), Tamás Király (1982, drums), […]


East were a Hungarian symphonic/hard-rock band from Szeged, formed in 1975. Between 1981 and 1986, the band released five albums on the Start and Krém labels. Members: Péter Móczán (bass), István Király (drums, 1975-85), János Varga (guitar, 1975-88), Géza Pálvölgyi (keyboards, 1979-83), István Németh (keyboards), József Tisza (vocals, 1983), Péter Dorozsmai (drums, 1985-95), Sándor Homonyik […]


Bergendy were a Hungarian jazz-funk/pop band from Budapest, formed in 1958. During the 1960s, the band released numerous singles and EPs on Quatilion. Between 1971 and 1976, the band issued six albums on Pepita. Subsequent decades have witnessed sporadic activity under the nameplate. Members: István Bergendy (saxophone, bandleader), Péter Bergendy (saxophone, flute, backing vocals, manager), […]