Chick Corea – Tones for Joan’s Bones (1968)

Tones for Joan’s Bones is the debut solo album by American jazz pianist Chick Corea, recorded in December 1966 and released in 1968 on Vortex. Tracklist: A1. “Litha” (13:36) A2. “This Is New” (7:41) B1. “Tones for Joan’s Bones” (6:11) B2. “Straight Up and Down” (12:34) Credits: Chick Corea — piano Woody Shaw — trumpet […]

Steve Marcus – Tomorrow Never Knows (1968)

Tomorrow Never Knows is the first headlining album by American jazz-saxist Steve Marcus, released in 1968 on Vortex. Tracklist: A1. “Eight Miles High” (4:44) A2. “Mellow Yellow” (4:50) A3. “Listen People” (2:25) A4. “Rain” (7:02) B1. “Tomorrow Never Knows” (11:07) B2. “Half a Heart” (5:21) Credits: Steve Marcus — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone Mike Nock […]

Narada Michael Walden – I Cry, I Smile (1977)

I Cry, I Smile is the second solo album by American R&B musician/vocalist Narada Michael Walden, released in 1977 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “I Need Your Love” (3:41) A2. “Better Man” (4:19) A3. “Soul Bird” (4:32) A4. “I Remember” (4:30) A5. “Oneness-Cry” (4:57) B1. “Mango Bop” (4:43) B2. “Rainbow-Sky” (1:17) B3. “I Cry, I Smile” […]

William S. Fischer ‎– Circles (1970)

Circles is an album by American jazz-rock keyboardist William S. Fischer, produced by Herbie Mann and released in 1970 on Embryo. Tracklist: A1. “Patience Is Virtue” (4:45) A2. “Saigon” (4:06) A3. “Electrix” (5:00) A4. “Chains” (4:30) B1. “There’s a Light That Shines” (3:31) B2. “Circle” (3:03) B3. “Green Forever” (4:35) B4. “Capsule” (7:00) Credits: William S. […]

Air ‎– Air (1971)

Air is the singular album by the namesake American jazz-pop quartet, produced by Herbie Mann and released in 1971 on Embryo. Tracklist: A1. “Realize” (3:47) A2. “Mr. Man” (3:12) A3. “Baby I Don’t Know Where Love” (4:34) A4. “Martin” (2:37) A5. “In Our Time” (5:08) B1. “Man Is Free” (4:25) B2. “Sister Bessie” (2:32) B3. “Lipstick” […]