Sunbirds were a German-based multinational jazz-rock band that released two albums on BASF and Polydor/Finger in 1971 and 1972. Members: Ferdinand Povel (flute), Philip Catherine (guitar), Fritz Pauer (electric piano), Jimmy Woode (bass), Juan Romero (percussion), Klaus Weiss (drums), Rafael Weber (guitar, 1972), Ron Carter (bass, 1972), Lucas Costa (guitar, 1972), Leszek Zadlo (flute, 1972), […]

Subject ESQ.

Subject ESQ. were a German jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1972. The band subsequently renamed itself Sahara for two further albums during the mid-1970s. Members: Michael Hofmann (flute, alto saxophone, vocals), Alex Pittwohn (jaw harp, 12-string guitar, vocals), Harry Rosenkind (drums, percussion), Peter Stadler (keyboards), Stefan Wissnet (bass, vocals), Peter […]


Streetmark were a German symphonic-rock band that released four albums on Sky Records between 1976 and 1981. Members: Dorothea Raukes (keyboards, vocals), Thomas Schreiber (guitar, vocals), Georg Buschmann (vocals), Wolfgang Westphal (bass), Hans Schweiß (drums), Wolfgang Riechmann (vocals, synthesizers), Manfred Knauf (bass), Bogdan Skowronek (drums, percussion), Dickie Hank (guitar), Stephan Jehring (bass) Discography: Nordland (1976) […]


Strinx were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Talk to the Wind on Spiegelei ‎in 1973. Members: Wolfgang Kliegel (violin, clavinet, harp, percussion), Werner Geck (piano), Meinhold Puhl (bass), Thomas Gross (drums, percussion) Discography: Talk to the Wind (1973)

Stern Meissen

Stern Meissen were a German symphonic-rock band that released seven albums on AMIGA between 1977 and 1987. The band evolved from Stern-Combo Meißen, which formed as a beat combo during the mid-1960s. Members: Martin Schreier (drums, vocals), Norbert Jäger (keyboards, vocals), Bernd Fiedler (bass, 1964-80), Werner Bertram (saxophone, 1964-69), Günter Manicke (guitar, 1964-67), Gottfried Sieber […]

Stefan Zauner

Stefan Zauner (born June 30, 1952) is a German vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter who played with Amon Düül II during the mid-1970s. In 1976, he debuted as a solo artist with the album Narziss on Ariola, followed by the 1978 release Prisms & Views on small-press Vinyl. Discography: Narziss (1976) Prisms & Views (1978) “Hooked […]


Spliff were a German modern-rock/synthpop band that released four albums on CBS between 1980 and 1984. Members: Manfred Praeker (bass, vocals), Herwig Mitteregger (drums, vocals), Bernhard “Potsch” Potschka (guitar), Reinhold Heil (keyboard, vocals) Discography: The Spliff Radio Show (1980) 85555 (1982) Herzlichen Glückwunsch (1982) Schwarz auf Weiss (1984)


Skyline were a German jazz-rock band that self-released the album Louise for One Night in 1975. Members: Reinhard Glowazke [Ray Glover] (guitar), Udo Lummer (guitar), Michael [Micaelo] Stickdorn (drums), Werner Vogt (bass, vocals), Jürgen Kochbeck (keyboard, vocals), Wolli Thümmler (saxophone) Discography: Louise for One Night (1975)


Sixty-Nine was a German hard-rock/psych duo that released the album Circle of the Crayfish on Philips in 1972, followed by a live double-LP of all-new material on the label in 1974. Members: Armin Stöwe (organ, piano, synthesizer, guitar, vocals), Roland Schupp (drums, percussion) Background Sixty-Nine formed in 1969 when multi-instrumentalist Armin Stöwe teamed with drummer […]


Sirius were a German symphonic-rock band that released two albums on Brutkasten and Bear between 1982 and 1984. Members: Stefan Neubauer (vocals, keyboards, sitar), Stefan Papsthorst (keyboards, organ, strings, harpsichord), Thomas Honninger (drums), Martin Vogel (guitar, bass) Discography: Running to Paradise (1982) The Three Bushes (1984)


Sinto were a German Latin-rock/funk band that released the album Right on Brother on Philips in 1972, followed by Sonho Negro on AMAYANA in 1978. Members: Hannes Beckmann (violin, acoustic bass, percussion, vocals), Cotch Black (congas, percussion, vocals), Abu Dram (drums, percussion, vocals), Ralph Fischer (bass, percussion, vocals), Peter Holzwig (piano, organ, marimba, percussion, vocals), […]

Sincerely P.T.

Sincerely P.T. were a German jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Spiegelei/Aamok in 1973. Members: Manfred Schoof (trumpet), Peter Trunk (bass guitar), Shake Keane (flugelhorn), Jiggs Whigham (trombone), Jasper van’t Hof (keyboards), Sigfried Schwab (guitar), Curt Cress (drums), Joe Nay (drums, percussion) Discography: Sincerely P.T. (1973)


Silvia Nemanic is a German coldwave singer that issued an album under her Christian name on Schallmauer in 1982. Credits: Rainer Assmann (backing vocals), Ferdinand Mackenthun [aka Käpt’n Nuss] (guitar), Sylvia Nemanic [aka Silvia Senff] (vocals), Tommi Stumpff (guitar, producer, synthesizer, vocals) Discography: Silvia (1982)


Siloah were a German ethno-folk/psych band that self-issued an eponymous album in 1970, followed by the album Sukram Gurk on small-press German Blues and Underground in 1972. Members: Heinrich Stricker, Manuela Freifrau Von Perfall, Thom Argauer, Wolfgang Görner Discography: Siloah (1970) Sukram Gurk (1972)


Silberbart were a German jam-rock/psych band that released the album 4 Times Sound Razing on Philips in 1971. Members: Hans Joachim “Hajo” Teschner (guitar, vocals), Werner Klug (bass), Peter Behrens (drums) Discography: 4 Times Sound Razing (1971)


Serene were a German symphonic-rock band that recorded a self-titled album in 1979 that was ultimately released on Lava Records in 1981. Members: Peter Wolk (vocals), Achim Kirschning (keyboards, 1978-82), Bernd Töberg (guitar), Jim McGillivray (drums, 1978-81), Lollo Heimberg (bass), Claus Arve (drums, 1981-84), Gerd Jeschke (guitar) Discography: Serene (1979)

Second Movement

Second Movement were a German symphonic-rock band that released the album Blind Man’s Mirror and a standalone single on Castle Records, both in 1976. A second album appeared on Rockport in 1981. Members: Harald Kesselhack (lead vocals), Sigmund “Seggi” Zeidler (keyboards), Thomas Möckl (guitar), Bernd Wich (guitar), Manni Bierback (flute, saxophone), Dieter Ungelenk (percussion, vocals), […]


Scorpions are a German hard-rock/metal band that debuted with the album Lonesome Crow on Brain/Metronome in 1972. Between 1974 and 1978, the band released four albums and a live double-LP on RCA Victor. The subsequent seven-year period saw the band gain international fame with a string of releases on Harvest, starting with 1979’s Lovedrive. Members: […]

Schicke, Führs & Fröhling

Schicke Führs Fröhling (SFF) were a German symphonic-rock band that released three albums on Brain between 1976 and 1979. After the departure of drummer/percussionist Eduard Schicke, the remaining two continued as Führs & Fröhling. Members: Eduard Schicke (drums, percussion, Moog, metallophone, xylophone), Gerd Führs (grand piano, electric piano, Moog, clavinet, Mellotron, ARP Solina string ensemble, […]