Eberhard Weber

Eberhard Weber (born Jan. 22, 1940) is a German double-bassist and composer whose played on more than 300 albums since the early 1960s. In 1974, he released his popular band-leading debut The Colours of Chloë on ECM and has since recorded more than 15 titles for the label in solo and collaborative form, including two […]

Dieter Reith

Dieter Reith (born Feb. 25, 1938) is a German organist, pianist, composer, and band leader whose musical career that dates back to the late 1950s. In 1974 and 1975, he released the jazz-funk albums Hammond Explosion and Knock Out on BASF/MPS. Discography: Swing with Svend (1966 • Svend Asmussen & Dieter Reith) A Happy Afternoon […]

Das Waldemar Wunderbar Syndikat

Das Waldemar Wunderbar Syndikat were a German all-star jazz-funk ensemble that released the album I Make You Feel Good on Telefunken in 1976. Members: Gottfried Böttger (piano), Rale Oberpichler (vocals), Jasper van’t Hof (piano), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (piano, organ), Daby Lucas May (accordion), Johnny Müller (harmonica, flute), Konrad Schittek (bagpipes), Wolfgang Schlüter (marimba), Bernie Prock (congas), […]


Choice were a German art-rock band that released the album Just a Dream on Rocktopus in 1980. Members: Günther Henne (keyboards, percussion), Gerd Linke (organ, Mellotron, piano, synthesizers), Heinz Kunert (bass, percussion), Ferdie Kühnel (vocals), Peter Jureit (drums), Ulrich Steinert (guitar) Discography: Just a Dream (1980)

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie were a German band that debuted with an experimental/spoken-word album on CPM in 1970, followed by four albums on Schneeball between 1978 and 1982. Members: Uwe von Trotha (vocals), Michael Ehlers (guitar), Joachim Krebssalat [Joachim Krebs] (keyboards, 1968-78), Jürgen Bräutigam (bass, vocals), Lothar Stahl (drums, percussion), Harald Lindner (vocals, bass), Werner Heß (drums, […]

Catch Up

Catch Up were a German jazz-funk trio that released two albums on Calig in 1975 and 1976. Members: Charly Antolini (drums, percussion), Max Greger Jr. (Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Moog, organ, piano), Milan Pilar (electric bass) Discography: Vol. 1 (1975) Birth of the Second Life (1976)


Bullfrog were a German hard-rock band that released two albums on Sky in 1976 and 1977, followed by a third longplayer on Muzk Project in 1980. Members: Sebastian Leitner (guitar), Gerd Hoch (vocals), Harald Kaltenecker (keyboards), Vincent Trost (bass), Bruno Perosa (drums, percussion), Robert Wimmer (guitar), Ali Halmatoglu [aka Ali Khan] (drums), Tim Gainer (vocals, […]

Brave New World

Brave New World were a German space-rock/psych band that released a standalone single on AZ in 1970, followed by the album Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley on Vertigo in 1972. Members: Dicky Tarrach (drums, percussion), Lucas Lindholm (bass, bass fiddle, organ, piano), Herb Geller (flute, cor anglais, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, organ), Reinhart […]


Brainstorm were a German jazz-rock band that released two albums on Spiegelei between 1972 and 1973. Members: Rainer Bodensohn (flute), Eddy von Overheidt (keyboards), Enno Dernov (bass), Roland Schaeffer (saxophone, flute, guitar, vocals), Jo Koinzer (drums, 1972-73), Horst Mittmann (drums, 1973-75), Nick Nikitakis (guitar, 1973-?), Rich Schwab (bass, vocals, percussion, 1974-76), Dieter Wichterich (guitar) Discography: […]


Blonker is the performance moniker of German guitarist/composer Dieter Geike, who released three albums in an acoustic/symphonic vein on Brain and Philips between 1978 and 1981, followed by three further titles on Mercury between 1983 and 1989. Members: Dieter Geike (guitar, percussion), Kay Jessen (vocals, 1978), Nicolas Stallard (keyboards, guitar, 1978), Helge Tillmann (drums, 1978), […]

The Blech

The Blech were a German avant-garde/art-rock band that released three albums on Heute between 1985 and 1989, followed by a final album on JARO Medien in 1992. Members: Hubl Greiner (drums), Rupert Volz [aka Der Volz] (guitar, trumpet, vocals), Therofal (bass, piano, vocals, 1986-89), Bagdad (violin, bass, 1987), Helmut Bieler-Wendt (violin, piano, 1989-96), Shirley Anne […]

Birth Control

Birth Control are a German hard-rock band that was initially active as a recording unit for 13 years, starting in the late 1960s. The band released eleven studio albums and two live LPs between 1970 and 1982. Members: Bernd Koschmidder (bass, 1966-73), Reinhold Sobotta (keyboards, 1966-72), Rolf Gurra [Rolly Joker] (saxophone, vocals, 1966-69), Reiner Borchert […]

Bleibtreu Revue

Bleibtreu Revue were a German New Wave band that released the album Ungeheuer Paranoia on Spiegelei ‎in 1981. Members: Bernd Güldemeister (vocals), Michael Altrogge (piano, synthesizer), Werner Bohl (guitar), Uli Moritz (drums), Erich Räuker (bass), Carlo Karges (guitar), Kalle Kalkowski (drums), Micky Westpfahl (bass) Discography: Ungeheuer Paranoia (1981)


Berluc were a German rock band that released three albums on AMIGA between 1979 and 1985. Members: Dietmar Ränker (drums), Manfred Kähler (vocals, guitar, 1978-88), Gerd Pöppel (guitar, 1978-82), Günter Briesenick (bass, 1978-81), Alexander Stehr (keyboards, 1978-83), Uwe Carsten (bass, 1981), Detlef Branes (vocals, guitar, 1982-84), Wolfgang Hoffmann (bass, 1982-84), Rainer Schilling (keyboards, 1984-87), Wilfried […]


Bastard were a German hard-rock band that released three albums on NOVA, Strand, and Lava between 1977 and 1980. Members: Karl-Heinz Rothert (vocals, bass), Günther Gruschkuhn [Keith Kossoff] (guitar), Ulli Meissner [Theo Tremolo] (guitar), Thomas Korn [Toto Petticoato] (drums), Ullus Steinvorth (guitar, 1980-81), Fritz Randow (drums, 1980-81) Discography: Back to the Nature (1977) Tearing Nights […]


Atrium were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Color Seed on self-press BVB Edition in 1979, followed by a standalone single on one-off RD in 1981. Members: Ede Janson, Uli Krug, Stefan Leidig, Paul Schütt, Wolfgang Steiger, Michael Weil Discography: Color Seed (1979) “Die Nadel” / “Samstag Nacht” (1981)


Atlantis were a German hard-rock/soul band that released five albums and a live disc on Vertigo/Venus between 1972 and 1976. The band grew out of heavy-psych legends Frumpy, sharing vocalist Inga Rumpf and French-born keyboardist/composer Kravetz, who released a self-titled album with colleagues from both bands in 1972. Members: Inga Rumpf (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, […]


Ashra were a German electronic band that grew out of the earlier Ash Ra Tempel, releasing four albums under the shortened nameplate between 1976 and 1980 on Virgin Records. Members: Manuel Göttsching (guitar, synthesizer, sequencer, bass, drum machine, gong, vibraphone, vocals), Lutz Ulbrich (guitar, synthesizer, piano, Mellotron, 1979-present), Harald Grosskopf (drums, percussion, synthesizer, vocals, 1979-present) […]


Alcatraz were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Vampire State Building on Philips in 1971. Between 1978 and 1982, the band self-released three albums on their own namesake label. Members: Rüdiger Berghahn (pianet, vocals), Klaus Holst (guitar), Klaus Nagurski (flute, tenor saxophone), Ronald Wilson (bass), Jan Rieck (drums, bongos) Discography: Vampire State Building […]


Belfegore were a German goth-rock/art-punk band that released an eponymous EP and the album A Dog Is Born on Pure Freude in 1983, followed by a self-titled album on Elektra in 1984. Members: Michael Claus (guitar, vocals), Walter Jäger (keyboards, bass, vocals), Charly Terstappen (drums), Raoul Walton (bass) Discography: Belfegore (EP, 1983) A Dog Is […]


Accept were a German hard-rock/metal band that released four albums on Brain between 1979 and 1982, followed by seven further studio titles and a live disc on RCA between 1983 and 1996. Members: Udo Dirkschneider (vocals, 1971-87, 1992-2009), Jan Komet (guitar, 1971-75), Michael Wagener (guitar, 1971-76), Birke Hoe (drums, 1971-72), Dieter “Rubi” Rubach (bass, 1972-75), […]


Aera were a German jazz-rock band that released four albums on Erlkönig between 1975 and 1980, followed by two further titles on Intercord and Spiegelei during 1981 and 1982. A collection of 1973-era material was issued as Mechelwind by archivists Long Hair Music in 2009. Members: Muck Groh (guitar, 1972-76), Heinz Schmitt (guitar, 1972), Davy […]


Fuchs-Goos-Band were a German jazz-rock duo comprised of drummer Joachim Fuchs and guitarist Werner Goos. The pair released the album Chameleon 2 on Software Music in 1981 with backing by bassist Paul Müller, pianist Christoph Spendel, and saxophonist Knut Rössler. Members: Werner Goos (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar), Joachim Fuchs (Sonor Signature Drums) Discography: Chameleon 2 […]


Fly were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Die Fahrt mit dem Gläsernen Ballon on self-press Ballong Records in 1976. Members: Jan Davidts (oboe), Pierrl de Decker (keyboards), Emanuel O. Stanley (bass), Leo Zilligen (drums), Jojo Reichards (congas), Jockel Berg (percussion) Discography: Die Fahrt mit dem Gläsernen Ballon (1976)

Glatter Wahnsinn

Glatter Wahnsinn were a German jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Anvil in 1980. Members: Bernd Strohm (guitar), Michael “Schnuff” Strohm (bass, 1975-80), Rainer Mackenthun (drums, 1977-79), Georg Mahr (keyboards, 1977-80), Waldemar “Waldo” Karpenkiel (drums, percussion, 1979-80), Klaus Dapper (saxophone, flute, reeds, 1979-?) Discography: Glatter Wahnsinn (1980)

Gina X Performance

Gina X Performance was a German coldwave/synthpop band that released three albums on EMI between 1979 and 1981, followed by a fourth album on Statik/Virgin in 1984. Members: Gina Kikoine (vocals), Zeus B. Held (production, multi-instrumentalist) The Gina X Performance was assembled in Cologne, Germany, in 1978, by singer/lyricist Gina Kikoine (aka Claudia De Held) […]


Gila were a German jam-rock/psych band that released two albums between 1971 and 1973 on BASF and Warner Bros. Members: Conrad “Conny” Veit (guitar, vocals), Fritz Scheyhing (Mellotron, 1969-72), Walter Wiederkehr (bass, 1969-72), Daniel Alluno (drums, percussion, 1969-72), Daniel Fichelscher (drums, bass, 1973-74), Florian Fricke (keyboards, piano, 1973-74), Sabine Merbach (vocals, 1973-74) Discography: Gila (1971) […]


Gift were a German hard-rock band that released two albums between 1972 and 1974 on Telefunken and NOVA. Members: Rainer Baur (lead guitar), Uwe Patzke (bass, vocals), Hermann “Mandy” Lange (drums, percussion), Helmut Treichel (lead vocals, 1969-73), Nick Woodland (lead guitar, vocals, 1969-72), Dieter Atterer (guitar, vocals, 1973), Dieter Frei (organ, piano, vocals, 1973) Discography: […]


Gebärväterli were a German jazz-rock band that released the album Im Tal der Emmen on Brutkasten in 1978. Members: Manfred Demetz (trombone), Norbert Kirchner (guitar), Yogo Pausch (drums, congas), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Mandi Riedelbauch (saxophone, bassoon), Dieter Weberpals (flute), Reinhold Weberpals (piano, organ) Discography: Im Tal der Emmen (1978)


Gate were a German space-rock band that released a studio album and a live disc on Brain in 1977, followed by a second proper album on Biber in 1980. Members: Horst Kamp (vocals), Martin Köhmstedt (guitar), Manfred Schröpfer (guitar, vocals), Angelos Tsangaris (bass), Manos Tsangaris (drums), Achim Czech (drums) Discography: Red Light Sister (1977) Live […]


Gaia were a German folk-rock band that self-released the album All in Green in 1982. Members: Wolfgang Riedel (guitar, darabukka, percussion), Peter Mohr (congas, bongos, cymbals, gong, percussion), Manuela Schmitz (recorder, vocals, flute, metallophone, percussion), Wojciech Waglewski (guitar [12-string guitar]) Discography: All in Green (1982)


Galaxy were a German symphonic-rock band that released the album Nature’s Clear Well on Venus in 1978. Members: Richard Kersten (vocals), Heinz Kühne (guitars, vocals), Norbert Abels (keyboards, vocals), Hermann Beckert (bass), Victor Bergmann (drums) Discography: Nature’s Clear Well (1978)


GÄA were a German jam-rock/psych band that released the album Auf der Bahn zum Uranus on Kerston in 1974. Recordings for an unreleased 1975 followup were ultimately issued as Alraunes Alptraum by archivists Garden of Delights in 1999. Members: Werner Frey (guitar, lead vocals), Helmut Heisel (bass), Günter Lackes (organ, piano, vocals), Stefan Dörr (drums, […]

Führs & Fröhling

Führs & Fröhling were a German symphonic/electronic duo that comprised two-thirds of super-trio Schicke Führs & Fröhling (SFF), which released three albums on Brain between 1976 and 1979. Minus drummer/percussionist Eduard Schicke, the remaining pair released three albums on the label between 1978 and 1981. Members: Gerd Führs (grand piano, electric piano, Moog, clavinet, Mellotron, […]


Frumpy were a German soul-rock/psych band that released two albums and a double-live disc on Philips between 1970 and 1972, followed by a third studio album during that final year on Vertigo. Members: Inga Rumpf (lead vocals, percussion, guitar), Carsten Bohn (drums, percussion), Karl-Heinz Schott (bass, percussion, 1970-72, 1994-95), Kravetz (organ, piano, Mellotron, percussion, saxophone, […]


From were a German jazz-rock band that released two albums on CBS in 1971 and 1972. Members: Gustl Mayer (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bells), Dieter von Goetze (bass), Klaus Göbel (Hammond organ, piano), Kurt Bong (drums, percussion), Viktor J. Belgrove (percussion, vocals), Emil Mangelsdorff (alto saxophone), Günter Lenz (bass), Ralf R. Hübner (drums) Discography: ”0611” […]

Frey, Tiepold, Thierfelder & Lang

Frey, Tiepold, Thierfelder were a German chamber-jazz/rock trio comprised of keyboardist Matthias Frey, cellist Wolfgang Tiepold, and percussionist Michael Thierfelder. The trio released the album Ziyada on Concept Records in 1979, after which they were joined by percussionist Stefan Lang for the album Colibry, released on veraBra Records in 1981. Members: Matthias Frey (grand piano, […]

Fresh Air

Fresh Air were a German jazz-funk band that released two albums on Inside Records in 1982 and 1983. Members: Antonio “Toni” Koudéle (guitar, vocals), Gert Wilden jun. (keyboards, vocals), Imre Bajka (bass, vocals), Guillermo Marchena (drums, percussion, vocals) Discography: Fresh Air (1982) International Men (1983)

Frederic Rabold Crew

Frederic Rabold Crew were a German jazz-rock band that released six albums between 1972 and 1980, mostly on Calig. Members: Alexander Bühl, Andreas Rapp, Barbara Bürkle, Christian Brinkschmidt, Frederic Rabold, Fritz Heieck, Helmut Wilberg, Holger Mayer, Joachim Lambrecht, Jochen Nitsche, Lauren Newton, Manfred Kniel, Martin Bues, Paul Schwarz, Regina Büchner, Thomas Horstmann, Uli Bühl, Uli […]


Freeport were a German jazz-rock band that released two albums between 1980 and 1983 on View Records. Members: Michael Berger (keyboards), Michael Sievert (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Manni Naumann (drums), Jens Ahlers (drums) Discography: Duanelessness (1980) Alternating Current (1983)

Franz K.

Franz K. were a German blues-rock/hard-rock band that released 10 albums and assorted singles between 1972 and 1985, starting on Philips and Zebra before settling on Aladin for most of their TriMax output. Eight further albums appeared after 1990. Members: Stefan Josefus (drums), Mick Hannes (guitar), Peter Josefus (bass, vocals) Discography: Sensemann (1972) Rock in […]


Frame were a German hard-rock/psych band that released the album Frame of Mind on Bacillus in 1972. Members: Andy Kirnberger (guitar, vocals, piano), Cherry Hochdörfer (organ, piano, Mellotron, spinet), Peter Lotz (bass, vocals, percussion), Dieter Becker (vocals, percussion), Wolfgang Claus (drums, percussion) Discography: Frame of Mind (1972)


Members: Peter Hein (vocals, 1979-81, 1991-present), Michael Kemner (bass), Frank Fenstermacher (keyboards, saxophone, 1979-81, 1991-present), Uwe Jahnke (guitar), Saskia von Klitzing (drums, 2002-present), Kurt Dahlke (keyboards, laptop, 2002-present), Thomas Schwebel (guitar, vocals, drums), Uwe Bauer (drums), Markus Oehlen, Hans Maahn (bass), Hellmut Hattler (bass), Martin Schwebel (drums)


Faust was a German krautrock band from Hamburg that released the 1971/72 Polydor albums Faust and So Far, followed in 1973 by the Virgin albums The Faust Tapes and Faust IV, plus a collaboration with American composer Tony Conrad on the Caroline release Outside the Dream Syndicate. A decade after their split, unreleased material surfaced […]


Apocalypse was a German psych-rock band that released a self-titled album on Ariola in 1970. They were previously known as Die Anderen. Members: Gerd Müller (vocals, guitar), Enrico Lombardi (vocals, guitar), Bernd Scheffler (vocals, percussion, drums), Jürgen Drews (vocals, guitars) Apocalypse evolved from Die Anderen, a pop-psych quartet that released the album Kannibal Komix on […]

Amon Düül II

Amon Düül II was a German psych-rock band that released six studio albums and a live set on Liberty/UA between 1969 and 1973, followed by six further albums on NOVA/Telefunken between 1974 and 1981. Members: Chris Karrer (violin, guitar, banjo, soprano saxophone, Mellotron, maracas, vocals), John Weinzierl (guitar, bass, piano, vocals), Peter Leopold (drums, percussion, […]

I Drive

I Drive were an English hard-rock/psych band that was active for six years, starting in Manchester in 1967. The band spent most of its career in Germany, where their self-titled album was released on Metronome in 1972, book-ended by two 7″ releases that appeared five years apart from one another. Members: Leslie Graham (bass), Richard […]

Thrice Mice

Thrice Mice was a German classical/jazz-rock band from Hamburg that released a self-titled album on Philips in 1971. The band gigged in various iterations for the preceding five years. Thrice Mice! was later reissued with 30 minutes of bonus live recordings from the 1967–69 period. They folded in 1972 when singer/saxophonist Karl-Heinz Blumenberg and guitarist […]


Harmonia was a German Krautrock trio that released the 1974–75 albums Musik von Harmonia and Deluxe on Brain. They were a merger of Cluster and NEU! guitarist Michael Rother. In 1976, Brian Eno joined them on sessions that later appeared on the archival disc Tracks & Traces. Members: Dieter Moebius (synthesizer, guitar, electronic percussion, nagoya […]

Vita Nova

Vita Nova were a Munich-based symphonic/psych trio comprised of German multi-instrumentalist Eddy Marron, Yugoslavian keyboardist Sylvester Levay, and Swiss drummer Christian von Hoffmann. The band released a self-titled album in 1971 on the Austrian Life Records label. Members: Eddy Marron (lead vocals, bass, zaz, guitar), Sylvester Levay (keyboards, percussion, vocals), Christian von Hoffmann (drums, percussion, […]

Günther Fischer Quintett

The Günther Fischer Quintett were an East German jazz-rock band that issued five albums on AMIGA between 1973 and 1978. The band’s first two albums were recorded in collaboration with Leipzig soul/jazz vocalist Uschi Brüning. A second pair of albums were cut with Duisburg singer/songwriter Manfred Krug. In 1978, the band released Kombination, produced by Jürgen […]


Analogy was a German post-psych band based in Italy that released a self-titled album on Dischi Produzioni Ventotto in 1972. Members: Jutta Taylor-Nienhaus (lead vocals), Nicola Pankoff (keyboards, 1972-73), Wolfgang Schöne (bass), Martin Thurn-Mithoff (12-string guitar, flute, bongos), Rocco Abate (flute, 1973-present), Mauro Rattaggi (bass), Hermann Jürgen “Mops” Nienhaus (drums, 1972-74), Roberto Carlotto (keyboards, 2011-present), […]

Amos Key

Amos Key was a German classical rock trio that released the album First Key on Spiegelei in 1973. Members: Thomas Molin [Thomas Müller] (keyboards, vocals), Andreas Gross (bass, guitar, vocals), Lutz Ludwig (drums, vocals), Helmut Jungkunz (guitar, vocals, 1974-76) Amos Key formed in 1970 in Emmering, Bayern. Discography: First Key (1973) Sources: Discogs: Amos Key


Asterix was a German hard-rock/soul band that released a self-titled album on Decca in 1970. They evolved from the German Bonds, a popular mid-’60s beat group. After the departure of co-vocalist Toni Cavanaugh, the remaining band continued as Lucifer’s Friend. Members: Peter Hecht (keyboards), Peter Hesslein (guitar), Dieter Horns (bass), George Monro (vocals), Joachim Rietenbach […]


Dzyan were a German jam-rock/raga band from Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, that released a self-titled album on arOnda in 1972, followed by two discs on Bacillus in 1973/74. Members: Reinhard Karwatky (bass, synthesizer), Jochen Leuschner (vocals, percussion, 1971-72), Gerd Bock-Ehrmann (tenor saxophone, 1971-72), Harry Krämer (guitar, 1971-72), Ludwig Braum (drums, percussion, 1971-72), Eddy Marron (guitar, saz, vocals, […]


Electra-Combo were a German classical-rock band from Dresden, Sachsen, that released seven albums on AMIGA between 1974 and 1987. After their first album, they were known simply as Electra. Members: Bernd Aust (saxophone, flute), Wolfgang Riedel (bass, 1969-74, 1976-present), Ekkehard Berger (guitar, 1969-74), Peter Ludewig (drums, vocals, 1969-74, 1976-83, 2002-present), Karl-Heinz Ringel (keyboards, 1969-74), Michael […]


Eulenspygel were a German hard-rock/folk band from Reichenbach, Baden-Württemberg, that released two albums on Spiegelei in 1971/72, followed by a later pair of titles on Bellaphon and Neue Welt. Members: Detlev Nottrodt (guitar, vocals), Matthias Thurow (guitar, violin), Cornelius Hauptmann (flute), Karlheinz Großhans (organ, vocals), Ronnie Libal (bass), Mulo Maulbetsch (vocals, harmonica), Günter Klinger (drums, […]


Emtidi were a German/Canadian folk-psych duo that issued a self-titled album on Thorofon in 1970, followed by Saat on Pilz in 1972. They were formed in Berlin by local Maik Hirschfeldt (music) and migrant Dolly Holmes (lyrics), both multi-instrumentalists. Engineer Dieter Dierks served as a third wheel on their second album. Members: Dolly Holmes (acoustic […]


Armaggedon was a German hard-rock/blues band that released a self-titled album on Kuckuck in 1970. Guitarist/singer Frank Diez later joined Atlantis and Emergency. Members: Frank Diez (lead guitar, vocals), Manfred Galatik (electric piano, bass, vocals), Michael Nürnberg (bass, rhythm guitar), Jürgen Lorenzen (drums) Armaggedon assembled in early 1970 when Diez teamed with bassist Michael Nürnberg, […]


NEU! was a German krautrock band that released three albums on Brain between 1972 and 1975. Members: Klaus Dinger (vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, shamisen, percussion, bandoneon), Michael Rother (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, piano, violin, zither, percussion, electronics), Eberhard Kranemann (bass, slide guitar, 1972), Uli Trepte (bass, 1972), Thomas Dinger (drums, 1975), Hans Lampe (drums, 1975), […]


Can was a German krautrock band that debuted with the album Monster Movie on Music Factory in 1969. After the 1970 Liberty release Soundtracks, they signed to United Artists and released the 1971–74 albums Tago Mago, Ege Bamyası, Future Days, and Soon Over Babaluma. They moved to Virgin for the 1975–77 albums Landed, Flow Motion, […]

My Solid Ground

My Solid Ground was a German krautrock band that released a self-titled album on Bacillus Records in 1971. Members: Bernhard Rendel (guitar, vocals), Teddy (vocals, 1968-?), Manfred Fischer (bass, 1968-?), Willy Waid (drums, 1967-70), Werner Geilenkirchen (bass, ?-1970), Karl-Heinz Dörfler (bass, vocals, 1970-72), Ingo Werner (keyboards, 1970-72), Andreas Würsching (drums, percussion, 1970-72), Günther Mildenberger (organ, […]

Wolfgang Düren

Wolfgang Düren (born July 9, 1956) is a German electronic musician who served as a sequencer programmer for Tangerine Dream between 1978 and 1980. As a recording artist, he released the album Eyeless Dreams on WPL Records in 1980. He subsequently went into keyboard distribution and founded Waldorf Electronics, a synthesizer manufacturer, in 1988. Discography: […]


Nico (1938–1988) was a German singer, model, and actress who emerged as a co-vocalist in the Velvet Underground. After singing on their 1967 album The Velvet Underground & Nico, she went solo with that year’s Verve release Chelsea Girl. She jumped to Elektra for the 1968 avant-garde album The Marble Index, followed by the 1970 […]