Speed Limit – Speed Limit (1974)

Speed Limit is the first of two self-titled albums by the namesake French jazz-rock collective, released in 1974 on Le Chant du Monde. Tracklist: A1. “Sleep Walker” (11:12) A2. “Pava” (5:04) A3. “Abra” (2:57) B1. “Spanish Dream” (9:16) B2. “Ballad to Laura Antonelli” (6:31) B3. “Ducky” (3:58) Credits: George Jinda — drums Jeff Seffer — […]

George Jinda ‎– The Wheel of Love (1975)

The Wheel of Love is an avant-garde/jazz-rock album by Hungarian percussionist/composer George Jinda, recorded with French Zeuhl musicians and released in 1975 on Motors. Tracklist: A1. “American Vogue” (2:07) A2. “Funky Daddy” (4:40) A3. “The Wheel of Love” (4:07) A4. “Goodbye Louis” (4:16) A5. “Dividing” (3:08) B1. “Nostalgia” (3:40) B2. “Funny Side of the Strut” […]

George Jinda

George Jinda (June 4, 1941 — Jan. 11, 2001) was a Hungarian drummer, composer, and producer who played with the French jazz-rock supergroup Speed Limit on two albums during the mid-1970s. Concurrently, the band backed him on his singular headlining album from the era, The Wheel of Love, released in 1975 on Motors Thanks for […]