Stomu Yamashta’s East Wind ‎– Freedom Is Frightening (1973)

Freedom Is Frightening is an album by Japanese avant-garde/classical percussionist Stomu Yamashta, recorded with his jazz-rock combo East Wind featuring the talents of guitarist Gary Boyle and bassist Hugh Hopper. The album was released in 1973 on Island. Tracklist: A1. “Freedom Is Frightening” (8:49) A2. “Rolling Nuns” (7:14) B1. “Pine on the Horizon” (11:48) B2. […]

Ann Odell ‎– A Little Taste (1973)

A Little Taste is a solo album by English singer/songwriter Ann Odell, released in 1973 on DJM. Tracklist: A1. “Swing Song” A2. “Take Off Your Old Face” A3. “Non-Commercial Blues” A4. “Lucky Black Cat” A5. “Children” A6. “Lovely” B1. “I Didn’t Mean To” B2. “Kings Road Girl” B3. “Out of the Blue” B4. “Every Girl […]

Gary Boyle ‎– The Dancer (1977)

The Dancer is the debut solo album by veteran jazz-rock guitarist Gary Boyle, released in 1977 on Gull Records. Tracklist: A1. “Crowshed Shuffle” (5:08) A2. “The Dancer” (7:30) A3. “Now That We’re Alone” (1:30) A4. “Lullaby for a Sleepy Dormouse” (5:25) B1. “Almond Burfi” (5:02) B2. “Pendle Mist” (5:40) B3. “Apple Crumble” (3:18) B4. “Maiden […]

Gary Boyle

Gary Boyle (born Nov. 24, 1941) is a English-Indian guitarist who played with Brian Auger & the Trinity during the late 1960s and continued to work with the organist into the following decade. Between 1971 and 1973, he also appeared on albums by Mike Westbrook, Keith Tippet, Ann Odell, and Lynsey De Paul. During the […]