Gary Bartz

Gary Bartz (born Sept. 26, 1940) is an American jazz saxophonist who first recorded behind Art Blakey during the mid-1960s. As a bandleader, he debuted with the 1968/69 Milestone releases Libra and Another Earth. Between 1970 and 1974, Bartz fronted the avant-jazz NTU Troop for seven albums, including the 1973 Prestige double-album I’ve Known Rivers […]

Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow (1975)

Stepping Into Tomorrow is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Donald Byrd, released in 1975 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “Stepping Into Tomorrow” (5:13) A2. “Design a Nation” (4:20) A3. “We’re Together” (4:25) A4. “Think Twice” (6:12) B1. “Makin’ It” (3:48) B2. “Rock and Roll Again” (6:09) B3. “You Are the World” (4:31) B4. “I […]

Gary Bartz NTU Troop ‎– I’ve Known Rivers and Other Bodies (1973)

I’ve Known Rivers and Other Bodies is a live double-album by American post-bop saxist Gary Bartz and his three-piece backing band NTU Troop, featuring pianist Hubert Eaves. The album was recorded at the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival and released the same year on Prestige. Tracklist: A1. “Nommo – The Majick Song” (4:16) A2. “Sifa Zote” […]

Norman Connors ‎– Love from the Sun (1974)

Love from the Sun is the third headlining album by American jazz drummer Norman Connors, released in 1974 on Buddah. Tracklist: A1. “Revelation” (9:00) A2. “Carlos II” (6:08) A3. “Drums Around the World” (5:40) B1. “Love From the Sun” (8:14) B2. “Kumakucha (The Sun Has Risen)” (6:09) B3. “Holy Waters” (5:28) Credits: Norman Connors — […]

Alphonse Mouzon ‎– Virtue (1977)

Virtue is the fifth album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1977 on the German MPS label. Tracklist: A1. “Master Funk” (3:40) A2. “Baker’s Daughter” (5:34) A3. “Come Into My Life” (5:10) A4. “Nyctophobia” (7:00) B1. “Virtue” (8:23) B2. “Poobli” (5:30) B3. “The Mouzon Drum Suite: a) Jazz-Rock Improvisation / b) Out of the Desert […]

Phyllis Hyman – Phyllis Hyman (1977)

Phyllis Hyman is the debut album by American soul singer Phyllis Hyman, released in 1977 on Buddah. Tracklist: A1. “Loving You, Losing You” (7:41) A2. “No One Can Love You More” (4:20) A3. “One Thing on My Mind” (5:30) A4. “I Don’t Want to Lose You” (5:31) B1. “Deliver the Love” (4:02) B2. “Was Yesterday […]

McCoy Tyner – Sama Layuca (1974)

Sama Layuca is an album by American post-bop pianist McCoy Tyner, released in 1974 on Milestone. The album is one in a series of rhythmically fervent, harmonically loaded titles that he cut for the label during the 1970s. Joining him on these sessions are a slew of players who made names for themselves during the […]