Fusión were a Chilean jazz-rock band that issued one album, Top Soul, on Alba in 1975. The band was headed by pianist Matías Pizarro, who also released his singular solo album, Pelo de Rata, to much applause that same year. Members: Matías Pizarro (piano), Enrique Luna (bass, contrabass), Sandro Salvati, (alto saxophone, 1972-74), Lautaro Rosas […]


Fusion were a French jazz-rock supergroup comprised of core Magma personnel Christian Vander, Benoît Widemann, Didier Lockwood, and Jannick Top. In 1981, they released the album Fusion on JMS. A live set from the year prior was released two decades later on Utopic. Members: Didier Lockwood (violin), Jannick Top (bass), Christian Vander (drums), Benoît Widemann […]