Fusion Orchestra

Fusion Orchestra was an English symphonic/art-rock-soul band that released the album Skeleton in Armour in 1973 on EMI. Members: Dave Bell (drums), Mick Sluman (bass, 1969-71), Dave Cowell (bass, harmonica, 1971-73), Paul Jennings (bass, 1973-75), Colin Dawson (guitar), Stan Land (guitar, synthesizer, percussion, horns), Jill Saward (guitar, synthesizer, flute, vocals) Background They sprung from a […]

Fusion Orchestra ‎– Skeleton in Armour (1973)

Skeleton in Armour is an album by English symphonic/jazz-rockers Fusion Orchestra, released in 1973 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Fanfairy Suite for 1,000 Trampits – Part One / Sonata in Z” (11:39) A2. “Have I Left the Gas On” (8:35) B1. “OK Boys, Now’s Our Big Chance” (0:45) B2. “Skeleton in Armour” (5:16) B3. “When My […]