French TV

French TV were an American jazz-rock band from Louisville, Ken., that self-released an eponymous album in 1984, followed by After a Lengthy Silence on local-press Y-Records in 1987. Ten further titles appeared over the subsequent three decades on bassist Mike Sary’s own label. Members: Artie Bratton (guitar), Bob Douglas (drums), Fenner Castner (drums), John Robinson […]

French TV ‎– After a Lengthy Silence (1987)

After a Lengthy Silence is the second album by Kentuckian avant-garde/jazz-rock combo French TV, released in 1987 on Y Records. Tracklist: A1. “One of the Jones Boys” (3:12) A2. “You Fool! You Broke the Yolks!” (4:23) A3. “Friendly Enzymes” (6:10) A4. “… And the Dead Dog Leaped Up and Flew Around the Room!” (6:50) B1. […]

French TV ‎– French TV (1984)

French TV is the debut album by the namesake American avant-garde/jazz-rock quartet, self-released by the band in 1984. Tracklist: A1. “Happy Armies Fight in Their Sleep” (3:45) A2. “Under Heaven Is a Great Disorder (And the Situation Is Excellent)” (3:28) A3. “The Artists’s House” (3:16) A4. “Spill” (10:33) B1. “Dream of Peace” (4:09) B2. “No […]