Terence Trent D’Arby ‎– Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby (1987)

Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby is the debut album by American expat R&B musician/vocalist Terence Trent D’Arby, recorded with British musicians and released in 1987 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: 1. “If You All Get to Heaven” (5:17) 2. “If You Let Me Stay” (3:14) 3. “Wishing Well” (3:31) 4. “I’ll Never Turn My […]

Sally Oldfield – Water Bearer (1978)

Water Bearer is the debut solo album by Sally Oldfield, released in 1978 on Bronze. Tracklist: A1. “Water Bearer” (6:25) A2. “Songs of the Quendi” (12:46)    a. “Night Theme”    b. “Wampum Song”    c. “Nenya”    d. “Land of the Sun” A3. “Mirrors” (3:29) B1. “Weaver” (3:38) B2. “Night of the Hunter’s Moon” […]

Sheena Easton ‎– Take My Time (1981)

Take My Time is the debut album by Scottish pop singer Sheena Easton, released in 1981 on EMI. In North America, the album was eponymously issued with a truncated, reshuffled tracklist. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Send Flowers” Phil Pickett (3.02) A2. “Cry” Frank Musker, Garth Murphy (3.32) A3. “Take My Time” Paul Bliss, Phil Palmer (2.39) […]

Byzantium ‎– Seasons Changing (1973)

Seasons Changing is the second and final proper album by English symphonic/rustic rockers Byzantium, released in 1973 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “What a Coincidence” (3:55) A2. “My Season’s Changing With the Sun” (2:37) A3. “Show Me the Way” (4:03) A4. “I’ll Always Be Your Friend” (4:08) A5. “October Andy” (5:22) B. “Something You Said – […]

Tony Ashton & Jon Lord ‎– First of the Big Bands (1974)

First of the Big Bands is a collaborative album between organist/vocalist Tony Ashton and keyboardist Jon Lord, released in 1974 on Purple Records. Drumming is provided on select tracks by Ian Paice, with whom the pair would form a trio for 1977’s Malice in Wonderland album. Tracklist: A1. “We’re Gonna Make It” (3:52) A2. “Downside […]

Harry Beckett ‎– Flare Up (1970)

Flare Up is an album by Barbadian jazz trumpeter Harry Beckett, released in 1970 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Flare Up” (4:01) A2. “Go West” (6:34) A3. “Where Fortune Smiles” (3:36) A4. “Scarlet Mine” (3:53) A5. “Third Road” (5:29) B1. “Flow Stream Flow” (3:43) B2. “The Other Side” (4:02) B3. “Rolly’s Tune” (6:18) B4. “Fool’s Play” […]

Heatwave – Central Heating (1978)

Central Heating is the second album by American soul/funk collective Heatwave, released in 1978 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Put the Word Out” (6:36) A2. “Send Out for Sunshine” (4:28) A3. “Central Heating” (4:42) A4. “Happiness Togetherness” (3:59) B1. “The Groove Line” (4:14) B2. “Mind Blowing Decisions” (4:16) B3. “The Star of a Story” (5:35) B4. […]

Al Stewart – Past, Present and Future (1973)

Past, Present and Future is the fifth album by Scottish singer/songwriter Al Stewart, released in 1973 on CBS/Janus.   Tracklist: A1. “Old Admirals” (5:55) A2. “Warren Harding” (2:39) A3. “Soho (Needless to Say)” (3:51) A4. “The Last Day of June 1934” (4:47) A5. “Post World War Two Blues” (4:16) B1. “Roads to Moscow” (8:00) B2. […]