Synopsis were an Estonian symphonic/electronic project centered around keyboardist Igor Garsnek and guitarist Nevil Blumberg. Formed in 1977, the augmented duo made a series of never-released recordings before going on hiatus during the early 1980s. In 1984, the partnership revived for a further series of recordings. One year after the project ceased for good, a […]


Psycho — alternately spelled Psyhho — were an Estonian space-rock jam band that was active during the mid-1970s. Though the band released no material in its lifetime, a 47-minute concert bootleg surfaced as a downloadable album in the 2010s. Members: Andres Põldroo (guitar), Heigo Mirka (bass, 1973-77), Helmut Aniko (saxophone, flute, 1973-76), Paap Kõlar (drums), Toomas […]


Mess were an Estonian symphonic/space-rock ensemble that was active during the mid-to-late 1970s. During 1975 and 1976, roughly an hour’s worth of music was recorded for a proposed concept album. The project would go unheard until a 53-minute CD of the recordings appeared in 1995 on the Bella Musica label. A 62-minute remastered cut of […]

In Spe

In Spe were an Estonian symphonic-rock band that released two albums between 1983 and 1985 on Melodiya (Мелодия). Members: Erkki-Sven Tüür (keyboards, vocals, flute, recorder, 1979-83), Riho Sibul (guitar, 1979-80, 1982-85), Toivo Kopli (bass, 1979-83), Peeter Brambat (flute, recorder), Anne Tüür (keyboards, 1979-83), Mart Metsala (keyboards, 1979-83), Arvo Urb (drums, 1979-?), Jaanus Nõgisto (guitar, 1980-82), […]


Kaseke were an Estonian symphonic/jazz-rock band that was active during the early 1980s. The band released the four-song EP Sõnum in 1981, followed by the full-length album Põletus in 1983, both on Melodiya (Мелодия). With the exception of early keyboardist Tõnu Naissoo, the band’s lineup overlapped with the longer-running In Spe. Members: Ain Varts (guitar), […]