Omega were an English symphonic/hard-rock band from London that self-released a five-song demo cassette in 1983, followed by the album The Prophet on Razor-subsidiary Rock Machine in 1985. Members: Nick Brent (guitar, vocals), Steve Grainger (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Dave Robertson (bass, vocals), Graham Roberts (drums) Discography: Alpha (cassette, 1983) The Prophet (1985)

Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality was an English psychedelic hard-rock band that released the album Heaven & Hell on Philips in 1969. Members: Alan Greed (vocals, keyboards), Dave Jenkins (guitar), Steve Miller (bass), Dave Wingate (guitar, 1968), Chris Gordine (drums, 1968), Mark Griffiths (guitar, 1968-69), Roger Swallow (drums, 1968-69) Harsh Reality formed in 1968 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Discography: […]

The Higsons

The Higsons were an English post-punk/funk band that released twelve singles on assorted indie labels between 1981 and 1985. Members: Colin Williams [aka Bilko] (bass), Simon Charterton (drums), Stuart McGeachin (guitar), Charlie Higson [aka Switch] (vocals), Terry Edwards The Higsons formed in Norwich, Norfolk, in 1980. Albums: Live at the Jacquard Club, Norwich (cassette, 1982) […]

Hard Meat

Hard Meat was an English psychedelic hard-rock band from Birmingham that released two albums on Warner Bros. in 1969/70. Members: Michael Dolan (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals), Steve Dolan (electric bass, string bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Mick Carless (drums, percussion), Pete Westbrook (flute, 1970), Phil Jump (keyboards, 1970) Hard Meat was formed in […]


Comus was an English folk-psych band that released the 1971 album First Utterance on Dawn. After a temporary disbandment, a reconstituted lineup cut the 1974 Virgin release To Keep From Crying. Members: Roger Wootton (guitar, vocals), Andy Hellaby (bass), Bobbie Watson (vocals, percussion), Glenn Goring (guitar, vocals, bongos, 1968-72), Colin Pearson (violin, viola, 1968-72), Rob […]

The Comsat Angels

The Comsat Angels were an English ethereal-rock/psych band from Sheffield that debuted with a single on self-press Junta Records in 1979, followed by three albums and assorted shortplayers on Polydor between 1980 and 1982. A switch to upstart Jive Records yielded two albums between 1983 and 1985, followed by a sixth studio longplayer on Island […]


CMU was an English folk-psych band that released the 1971–73 albums Open Spaces and Space Cabaret on Transatlantic Records. Members: James Gordon (vocals, percussion), Ian Hamlett (guitar, flute), Ed Lee (bass), Larraine Odell (vocals), Roger Odell (drums), Leary Hasson (keyboards), Richard Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve Cook (bass, guitar) Formation The Contemporary Music Unit formed in […]


Noir were an English soul-psych band that released the album We Had to Let You Have It on Pye/Dawn in 1971. Members: Tony Cole (organ, piano, lead vocals), Barry Ford (drums, lead vocals), Gordon Hunte (guitar), Roy Williams (bass) Discography: We Had to Let You Have It (1971)

The Norman Haines Band

The Norman Haines Band was an English post-psych act led by the keyboardist and mastermind of Locomotive. They released the 1970 single “Daffodil” and the 1971 album Den of Iniquity, both on Parlophone. Another single, “Finding My Way Home,” appeared under the name Avalanche. Haines followed with the 1972 solo single “Give To You, Girl.” […]

Mott the Hoople

Mott the Hoople was an English hard-rock band that released four albums between 1969 and 1971 on Island Records, followed by three albums and a live disc between 1972 and 1974 on CBS. After the departure of frontman Ian Hunter, they released two 1975–76 albums as Mott. They reached the UK Top 10 with “All […]

Meal Ticket

Meal Ticket were an English rustic-rock band that released the album Code of the Road on EMI International in 1977, followed by the albums Three Times a Day and Take Away in 1978, the last of those on Logo. Members: Willy Finlayson (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Rick Jones (keyboards, vocals), Steve Simpson (guitar, violin, vocals), Ray […]

Mighty Baby

Mighty Baby (aka Azoth) was an English post-psych band that released the 1969–71 albums Mighty Baby and A Jug of Love. They evolved from the 1968 Rolled Gold lineup of The Action. In 1972, guitarist–singer Alan King formed Ace and Mighty Baby morphed into Habibiyya for a raga-folk album on Island Records. Members: Alan King […]

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet were an English raga-folk combo from London that released a self-titled album on Mushroom in 1972. Glaswegian sitarist Clem Alford followed up the project with a solo album, Mirror Image: The Electronic Sitar of Clem Alford, on Columbia (EMI) in 1974. Members: Clem Alford (sitar, esraj, Indian tambura), Alisha Sufit (vocals, guitar), Jim […]


Muscles were an English jazz-funk band that released seven singles on Big Bear Records between 1975 and 1978, plus a self-titled album on the label in 1976. Members: John Lynam (guitar, vocals), Steve James (drums, vocals), Geoff Brown (keyboards, vocals), Andy Abbot (bass guitar, vocals), Stuart Scott (lead guitar, vocals), Richard Ford (bass guitar, vocals), […]


Mirage was an English jazz-rock band that released the album Now You See It… on Compendium in 1977. The band featured journeyman guitarist Brian Godding (Blossom Toes, Julie Driscoll, Centipede, Magma), saxophonist George Khan (Mike Westbrook Orchestra, Solid Gold Cadillac, Arthur Brown, Robert Wyatt), drummer Dave Sheen (Ben, Jonathan Kelly’s Outside), and bassist Steve Cook […]


Ludus were an English post-punk band from Manchester that released three shorptlayers and two longplayers on local small-press New Hormones between 1980 and 1982. Frontwoman Linder Sterling was also a graphic designer who illustrated sleeves for fellow Mancunians The Buzzcocks (“Orgasm Addict”) and Magazine (Real Life). Members: Linder (vocals), Arthur Kadmon (guitar, 1978-79), Toby Toman […]


Repetition were an English post-punk band from London that released two singles on the Belgian label Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1981, followed by a third single on Red Flame in 1982. Guitarist Pete Petrol hailed from the 1978/79 iterations of the Spizz franchise, Spizzoil and Spizzenergi. Repetition’s second single, “A Full Rotation,” also features […]


Godot were an English coldwave/synthpop combo from Liverpool that self-released a four-song EP in 1981, followed by a standalone single on Pinnacle Records in 1982. Keyboardist David Hughes had been one-half of Dalek I on its two 1979/80 singles and the album Compass Kum’pas. He briefly played with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, appearing on […]

News from Babel

News from Babel were an English avant/art-pop band that released two albums and a standalone one-sided single on Rē between 1984 and 1986. The band was essentially a follow-through to Henry Cow-spinoff the Art Bears with Lindsay Cooper in lieu of Fred Frith. Members: Chris Cutler (drums, electronics, percussion, marimba), Dagmar Krause (vocals), Zeena Parkins […]


Nucleus was an English revolving-door jazz-rock ensemble that released eight albums on Vertigo between 1970 and 1975, followed by a live disc on Contemp and two further albums on Capitol and Mood Records between 1977 and 1980. The band was formed in 1969 by veteran trumpeter Ian Carr, who had co-led the Don Rendell/Ian Carr […]


Nightwing were an English symphonic/hard-rock band from London that released the album Something in the Air on Ovation Records in 1980, followed by three further albums and a live disc on Gull between 1982 and 1985, plus a fifth studio album on PGP RTB in 1988. Members: Gordon Rowley (bass, vocals), Alec Johnson (guitar, 1979-84), […]

Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Nigel Mazlyn Jones (born June 26, 1950) is an English singer/songwriter and guitarist from Dudley, West Midlands, who issued five albums on self-press Isle of Light between 1976 and 1991. As a producer, he oversaw the recording of the 1984 album Silent Dance by symphonic-folksters Solstice. Discography: Ship to Shore (1976) Sentinel & The Fools […]

New Model Army

New Model Army was an English art-punk band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, that debuted with a pair of EPs in 1983, followed by the album Vengeance in 1984 on small-press Abstract Records. Between 1985 and 1991, the band released five albums and assorted shortplayers on EMI. Members: Justin Sullivan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Stuart Morrow (bass […]

Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes were an English electro/art-pop duo composed of singer Pete Byrne and keyboardist Rob Fisher. They first appeared in late 1982 with a hi-tech cover of the Bacharach/David classic “There’s Always Something There to Remind Me.” In 1983, they released Burning Bridges on EMI, charting with “Promises Promises,” “When the Lights Go Out,” and […]


Tysondog were an English hard-rock/metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne that debuted with the single “Eat the Rich” on Neat Records in 1983, followed by the album Beware of the Dog in 1984. A four-song EP appeared on the label in 1985, followed by Crimes of Insanity in 1986, after which the nameplate was benched […]

Blind Fury

Blind Fury were an English hard-rock/metal band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne that released the album Out of Reach on Roadrunner in 1985. Members: Lou Taylor (vocals), Steve Ramsey (guitar), Russ Tippins (guitar), Graeme English (bass), Sean Taylor (drums), Kevin Heybourne (guitar, 1983-84), Pete Gordelier (bass, 1983-84), Dave Hogg (drums, 1983-84) Discography: Out of Reach (1985)

After the Fire

After the Fire were an English New Wave/art-rock band from London that released the album Signs of Change on Rapid Records in 1978, followed by Laser Love on CBS in 1979. Between 1980 and 1982, the band released the albums 80-f and Batteries Not Included on Epic. Shortly after the group disbanded, their translation of […]


Zed were an English hard-rock trio that released a self-titled album on Atlantic in 1981, followed by a second on Polydor in 1983. Members: Nigel Jenkins (vocals, guitar), Paul Westwood (bass), Graham Jarvis (drums) Discography: Zed (1981) Holding On (1983)

Yellowstone & Voice

Yellowstone & Voice were an English chamber-pop duo that released a self-titled album on Regal Zonophone in 1972. Members: Peter Papini [Yellowstone] (vocals, guitar), Steve Voice (vocals, guitar) Discography: Yellowstone & Voice (1972) “Days To Remember” / “Grandmother Says” (1972) “Philosopher” / “The Flying Dutchman” (1972) “Grandmother Says” / “Thinking About You and Me” (1972) […]

The Box

The Box were an English art-punk/funk band from Sheffield that released a self-titled EP and the album Secrets Out on Go! Discs in 1983, followed by Great Moments in Big Slam in 1984. The EP Muscle In and the live album Muscle Out appeared in 1984/85 on Cabaret Voltaire‘s Doublevision imprint. Members: Charlie Collins (saxophone, […]


Bethnal were an English hard-rock/punk band from Bethnal Green, Greater London, that released two albums on Vertigo in 1978. Members: George Csapo (vocals, keyboards, violin), Pete Dowling (drums), Nick Michaels (guitar), Everton Williams (bass) Discography: Dangerous Times (1978) Crash Landing (1978)

Axis Point

Axis Point was an English hard-rock supergroup that released the 1978–80 RCA albums Axis Point and Boast of the Town. They featured guitarist Charlie Whitney (Family, Streetwalkers), bassist Charlie McCracken (Taste, Stud), and keyboardist–singer Eddie Hardin (Hardin & York). McCracken and Hardin first interacted in the 1973–74 Spencer Davis Group reboot. Axis Point features two […]


Black was an English new wave band from Liverpool that released the 1981–82 indie singles “Human Features” and “More Than the Sun.” Their frontman and songwriter Colin Vearncombe (May 26, 1962 — Jan. 26, 2016) retained the name as a solo artist, starting with the 1984 single “Hey Presto.” Black charted with “Wonderful Life” and […]

The Beautiful South

The Beautiful South were an English sophisti-pop band from Kingston upon Hull that debuted with the album Welcome to the Beautiful South on Go! Discs in 1989, followed by nine further discs during the ensuing 16-year period. Vocalist/songwriter Paul Heaton and drummer David Hemingway hailed from The Housemartins. On their sophomoric 1990 release Choke, the […]

Blackfoot Sue

Blackfoot Sue were an English hard-rock/pop band from London that released six singles on JAM/DJM between 1972 and 1974. The band featured the rhythmic talents of identical twins Tom Farmer (bass) and David Farmer (drums). Despite recording three albums, only 1973’s JAM release Nothing to Hide appeared in its own time. Members: Tom Farmer (bass, […]


Quincicasm were an English avant-garde jazz combo from Gloucestershire that released a self-titled album on Saydisc in 1973. Keyboardist Julian Marshall later surfaced in the jazz-pop duos Marshall Hain and Eye to Eye. Members: Dick Pearce (flugelhorn), Malcolm Bennett (bass, flute), Julian Marshall (keyboards, vibraphone), Ken Eley (saxophone), Michael Ormerod (drums, percussion), Nigel Smith (drums, […]

Nite People

Nite People were an English jazz-rock/psych band from Bournemouth, Hampshire, that released the album P.M. on Page One in 1969. Members: Jimmy Warwick (vocals, guitar), Barry Curtis (organ, recorder), Chris “Fergie” Ferguson (drums, percussion, vocals), Patrick Bell (saxophone, flute, 1965-?), Francis Gordon [aka Francis Shipstone] (bass guitar, vocals, 1965-?), Martin Clarke (bass), Scott Kirkpatrick (bass, […]


Blackmayne were an English hard-rock/metal band from Maidstone, Kent, that released a self-titled album on NWOBHM small-press Criminal Response in 1985. Members: Tim Cooke (vocals), Phil McDermott (guitar), Richard Matthews (guitar), Julian “Sack” Sackett (bass), Andy Terry (drums) Discography: Blackmayne (1985)

Musical Youth

Musical Youth were an English pop-reggae band from Birmingham that released the album The Youth of Today on MCA in 1982, followed by Different Style! on the label in 1983. Members: Michael Grant (keyboards, vocals), Kelvin Grant (guitar, vocals), Dennis Seaton (lead vocals, percussion), Patrick Waite (bass, vocals), Freddie “Junior” Waite (drums, vocals) Discography: The […]

Murray Head

Murray Head (born March 5, 1946) is an English singer–songwriter and actor who portrays Judas Iscariot on the 1970 rock musical album Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He released the albums Nigel Lived (CBS, 1972) and Say It Ain’t So (Island, 1975), which offered source material for Roger Daltrey (“Say […]

Mr. Big

Mr. Big were an English hard-rock/art-rock band from Oxford that released a trio of singles on Epic circa 1974/75, followed by the album Sweet Silence on EMI in 1975. In 1976, the band recorded a second album in Los Angeles that was half-released stateside, along with select cuts from the debut, on the Arista album […]


Motörhead was an English metal trio that released a 1977 self-titled album on Chiswick, followed by five studio albums and a live disc between 1979 and 1984 on Bronze. Ex-Hawkwind bassist Lemmy Kilmister fronted Motörhead through numerous iterations across four decades. Members: Lemmy (vocals, bass), Lucas Fox (drums, 1975), Larry Wallis (guitar, 1975-76), Philthy Animal […]


More were an English hard-rock/metal band from London that released two albums on Atlantic in 1981 and 1982. Members: Kenny Cox (guitar), Paul Mario Day (vocals, 1980-81), Laurie Mansworth (guitar, 1980-81), Frank Darch (drums, 1980-81), Brian Day (bass, 1980-82), Andy John Burton (drums, 1981-82), Mick Stratton (vocals, 1982), Barry Nichols (bass, 1982, 1985), Mel Jones […]


Moonkyte were an English folk-psych band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, that released the album Count Me Out on Mother/Metronome in 1971. Members: Dave Stansfield (harmonium, percussion, vocals), Dave Foster (acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals), Trevor Craven (bass, vocals), Mick Humphreys (drums) Discography: Count Me Out (1971)


Moon were an English soul-funk band from London that released two albums on Epic in 1976 and 1977. Guitarist Loz Netto subsequently surface in Sniff ‘n’ the Tears while vocalist Noel McCalla was employed by Mike Rutherford for the Genesis-bassist’s 1979 solo album Smallcreep’s Day. Members: Noel McCalla (vocals), Loz Netto (guitar, vocals), Doug Bainbridge […]

Modern Eon

Modern Eon was an English post-punk band from Liverpool that released the 1979 EP Pieces on self-press Eon Records, followed by the single “Euthenics” and the 1981 album Fiction Tales on DinDisc. Members: Alix Plain [aka Alex Johnson] (guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards, horn), Danny Hampson (bass, vocals), Tim Lever (guitar, saxophone, 1980-81), Joey McKechnie (drums, […]


Incognito were an English jazz-funk band from London that released two singles on Ensign in 1980/81, followed by the album Jazz Funk in 1981. After a 10-year a gap in activity, a revolving lineup commenced a three-decade string of releases in the early ’90s. Members: Jean-Paul Maunick (guitar, keyboards, percussion, programming, bass, drums, vocals), Paul […]

Mick Softley

Mick Softley (Sept. 26, 1939 — Sept. 1, 2017) was an English folk guitarist–singer who first appeared with the 1965 Columbia album Songs for Swingin’ Survivors. He reemerged as a CBS singer–songwriter with the 1970–72 albums Sunrise, Street Singer, and Any Mother Doesn’t Grumble. On self-press Doll Records, he made the 1976–78 albums Capitol and […]

Michael de Albuquerque

Michael de Albuquerque (born June 24, 1947) is an English musician, singer, and songwriter who cut two singles on United Artists in 1969/70, followed by a jazz-rock album for Pegasus with saxist/vibist Frank Ricotti in 1971. From 1972 to 1974, Albuquerque served as the bassist for the Electric Light Orchestra, playing on the albums ELO […]

Medium Medium

Medium Medium were an English art-funk band from Nottingham that issued a standalone single on Apt Music Ltd. in 1979, followed by an album on Cherry Red in 1981 and an EP on Sound/Intercord in 1982. Members: John Rees Lewis (vocals, saxophone, horns), Nigel Kingston Stone (drums), Andy Ryder (vocals, guitar), Allan Turton (bass) Discography: […]

The Members

The Members were an English punk-pop/reggae band from Camberley, Surrey, that debuted with the track “Fear of the Streets” on the 1977 various-artists compilation Streets, released on Beggars Banquet. After a 1978 standalone single on Stiff-subsidiary 1 Off, the band released two 1979/80 albums on Virgin, followed by a third on Arista in 1982. The […]


Monsoon were an English-Indian ethno/art-pop band that issued an eponymous EP on self-press Indipop in 1981. A flurry of singles followed on the Mobile Suit Corporation label, a subsidiary of Phonogram, in 1982. Most of the a-sides appeared on the album Third Eye, issued by the sublabel in 1983. Vocalist Sheila Chandra recorded nine solo […]

Morrissey Mullen

Morrissey Mullen was the jazz-funk duo of English saxophonist Dick Morrissey and Scottish guitarist Jim Mullen, who began their partnership with the album Up on Embryo Records in 1977, followed by Cape Wrath on Harvest in 1979. Between 1981 and 1983, the pair released three albums on Beggars Banquet, followed by two further titles on […]

Mike Batt

Mike Batt (Feb. 6, 1949) is an English composer and arranger from Southampton who conducted a string of instrumental/interpretive recordings with his namesake orchestra for DJM Silverline between 1970 and 1972. In 1973, he masterminded the first of six releases by the costumed studio act The Wombles, a musical vehicle for the namesake children’s television […]


Mandingo was a tribal-funk project comprised of English studio musicians, led by composer/conductor Geoff Love. The project yielded four albums on EMI between 1973 and 1977. Members: Geoff Love Discography: Sacrifice (1974) The Primeval Rhythm of Life (1973) III (1974) Savage Rite (1977)

The Drones

The Drones were an English punk rock band from Manchester that released the 1977 album Further Temptations on Valer Records. Members: M. J. Drone [Michael Howells] (vocals), Pete Howells (drums), Steve “Whispa” Cundall (bass), Gus Gangrene (guitar, 1976-78), Mike Koman (keyboards, 1978) Background The Drones evolved from Rockslide, a glitter-pop band that issued the October […]

Parrish & Gurvitz

Parrish & Gurvitz were an English rock duo comprised of bassist-singer Paul Gurvitz and guitarist-singer Brian Parrish. They released one album on Regal Zonophone in 1971 and recorded a second that later appeared on an archival two-disc set. The pair recorded earlier in The Knack, a mod-beat combo that issued multiple mid-’60s singles. They reunited […]

The Foundations

The Foundations were an English soul-rock band, active from 1967 to 1970. They scored transatlantic hits with the Stax/Motown-influenced singles “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” and “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Members: Alan Warner (guitar, vocals), Tony Gomez (keyboards), Pat Burke (saxophone), Eric Allendale (trombone), Tim Harris (drums), Peter Macbeth (bass, 1967-69), Mike Elliott (saxophone, […]

The Equals

The Equals were an English soul-rock band, best known for the hits “Viva Bobby Joe,” “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys,” and the 1968 UK chart-topper “Baby, Come Back.” Guitarist Eddy Grant later found fame as a reggae pop singer. Members: Derv Gordon (vocals), Lincoln Gordon (guitar), Eddy Grant (guitar), Patrick Lloyd (guitar), John Hall (drums) […]


Headstone were an English hard-rock band that released the album Bad Habits on EMI in 1974, followed by a self-titled release in 1975. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Ashton hailed from the original lineup of Rare Bird, releasing two albums with the band circa 1969/70. He briefly launched a solo career, releasing two solo albums between 1976 and […]

Marshall Hain

Marshall Hain were the English art-pop duo of keyboardist/songwriter Julian Marshall and vocalist/songwriter Kit Hain, who released the album Free Ride on Harvest in 1978. Marshall later teamed with vocalist Deborah Berg in the jazz-pop duo Eye to Eye while Hain recorded several solo albums and gained industry renown as a songwriter. Members: Julian Marshall […]

Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann was an English R&B/beat band from London that released a string of singles and two albums on His Master’s Voice during the mid-1960s with original vocalist Paul Jones, followed by three albums with accompanying singles on Fontana between 1966 and 1968 with singer Mike D’Abo. Guitarist/bassist Tom McGuinness later teamed with Bluesbreaker Hughie […]