Eiliff were a German sax-rock/psych band that released two albums on Philips in 1971 and 1972. Members: Rainer Brüninghaus (organ, electric piano), Herbert J. Kalveram (saxophone), Houschäng Nejadépour (guitar, sitar), Detlev Landmann (drums), Bill Brown (bass), Rich Schwab (bass, 1972-74) Discography: Eiliff (1971) Girlrls! (1972)

Eiliff ‎– Eiliff (1971)

Eiliff is the first of two albums by the namesake German hard-rock/jazz-rock band, released in 1971 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Bird-Night of the Seventh Day” (5:02) A2. “Gammelloni” (6:43) A3. “Uzzek of Rigel IV” (10:54) B1. “Suite” (20:46 — :01-9:35, 11:24-15:23/-19:21) Credits: Bass Guitar – Bill Brown Drums – Detlef Landmann Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Twelve-String […]

Eiliff ‎– Girlrls! (1972)

Girlrls! is the second of two albums by German jazz-rock/psych band Eiliff, released in 1972 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Eve of Eternity” (5:59) A2. “King of the Frogs” (5:46) A3. “Journey to the Ego” (6:17) B1. “Girlrls” (6:41) B2. “Hallimasch” (8:48) Credits: Bass, Vocals – Bill Brown Drums, Percussion – Detlef Landmann Guitar – Houschäng […]