Eddie Russ

Eddie Russ is an American jazz-funk keyboardist from Pittsburgh who released the album Fresh Out on Jazz Masters in 1974, followed by two further titles on Monument between 1976 and 1978. While under contract with that second label, he adopted the pseudonym Gaff Dunsun to participate in the singular album by Latin/jazz-funk sextet Mixed Bag, […]

Mixed Bag

The Mixed Bag were an American jazz-funk band from Detroit that released Mixed Bag’s First Album on the local specialty label Tribe in 1976. Keyboardist Eddie Russ concurrently recorded as a solo artist. Members: Ron Brookes (bass), Geoff Dunsun [aka Eddie Russ] (keyboards), Jerry Glassel (guitar), Larry Nozero (reeds, flute, cuica), Dave Koether (percussion), Dan […]