Earthstar were an American electronic combo from Utica, NY, that released the album Salterbarty Tales on self-press Moontower Records in 1978, followed by three albums on the German Sky label between 1979 and 1982. Members: Andy Retscher, Bob Mishalanie, Craig Wuest, Dan Happ, Dan Zongrone, Daryl Trivieri, Dennis Rea, Louis Deponté, Melanie Coiro, Norm Peach, […]

Earthstar ‎– French Skyline (1979)

French Skyline is an album by American electronic combo Earthstar, produced by Klaus Schulze and released in 1979 on Sky Records. Tracklist: Latin Sirens Face The Wall A1. “Part I. Sirens” (4:14) A2. “Part II. The Amazon” (10:18) A3. “Part III. The Flourishing Illusion” (5:07) B1. “Splendored Skies And Angels” (6:21) French Sky Lines Suite […]