10cc are an English art-pop band that released two albums on UK Records in 1973/74, followed by seven albums and a live two-record set on Mercury between 1975 and 1983. In their initial four-piece lineup, 10cc recorded the choral-layered production landmark “I’m Not in Love.” Following the departure of co-founders Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, […]

Budgie ‎– Deliver Us from Evil (1982)

Deliver Us from Evil is the tenth and final studio album by Welsh hard rockers Budgie, released in 1982 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “Bored With Russia” (3:48) A2. “Don’t Cry” (3:18) A3. “Truth Drug” (4:21) A4. “Young Girl” (2:15) A5. “Flowers in the Attic” (5:08) B1. “N.O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City)” (4:12) B2. “Give Me the Truth” […]

The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Pyramid (1978)

Pyramid is the third album by the Alan Parsons Project, released in 1978 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Voyager” (2:24) A2. “What Goes Up…” (3:31) A3. “The Eagle Will Rise Again” (4:20) A4. “One More River” (4:15) A5. “Can’t Take It With You” (5:06) B1. “In the Lap of the Gods” (5:27) B2. “Pyramania” (2:45) B3. […]

Kate Bush ‎– The Kick Inside (1978)

The Kick Inside is the debut album by English songwriter/performance artist Kate Bush, released in 1978 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Moving” (3:01) A2. “The Saxophone Song” (3:52) A3. “Strange Phenomena” (2:58) A4. “Kite” (2:57) A5. “The Man With the Child in His Eyes” (2:41) A6. “Wuthering Heights” (4:29) B1. “James and the Cold Gun” (3:36) […]

The Alan Parsons Project ‎– I Robot (1977)

I Robot is the second album by the Alan Parsons Project, released in 1977 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. I Robot (6:06) A2. I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You (3:19) A3. Some Other Time (4:05) A4. Breakdown (3:50) A5. Don’t Let It Show (4:21) B1. The Voice (5:21) B2. Nucleus (3:35) B3. Day After Day […]

Kate Bush ‎– Never for Ever (1980)

Never for Ever is the third album by English vocalist/songwriter/performance artist Kate Bush, released in 1980 on EMI. “Violin”- Open cadence Dmajor power chord sustain, drops to G and back amid searing violin (Kevin Burk, Bothy Band, reminding somewhat of Graham Smith on the later Van Der Graaf material) Straight into lyrics @ six seconds […]

Duncan Mackay

Duncan Mackay is an English keyboardist and composer, known for his stints in Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (1975–77), 10cc (1978–81), and for his work on albums by the Alan Parsons Project, Camel, Cliff Richard, Elkie Brooks, and Kate Bush. As a solo artist, he debuted with the 1974 album Chimera on Vertigo. During his time […]