Wallenstein ‎– Cosmic Century (1973)

Cosmic Century is the third album by German symphonic/hard-rock band Wallenstein, released in 1973 on Kosmische Musik. Tracklist: A1. “Rory Blanchford” (9:25) A2. “Grand Piano” (2:11) A3. “Silver Arms” (9:40) B1. “The Marvellous Child” (6:10) B2. “Song of Wire” (7:46) B3. “The Cosmic Couriers Meet South Philly Willy” (7:24) Credits: Jürgen Dollase — grand piano, […]

Nektar ‎– Down to Earth (1974)

Down to Earth is the fifth studio album by German-based English space-rockers Nektar, released in 1974 on Bacillus/U.A./Passport. Tracklist: A1. “Astral Man” (3:07) A2. “Nelly the Elephant” (5:02) A3. “Early Morning Clown” (3:21) A4. “That’s Life” (6:49) B1. “Fidgety Queen” (4:04) B2. “Oh Willy” (4:00) B3. “Little Boy” (3:03) B4. “Show Me the Way” (5:55) B5. […]

Wallenstein ‎– Blitzkrieg (1971)

Blitzkrieg is the debut album by German symphonic/hard-rock band Wallenstein, released in 1971 on Pilz. Tracklist: A1. “Lunetic” (11:55) A2. “The Theme” (9:37) B1. “Manhatten Project” (13:47) B2. “Audiences” (7:38 — 2:14-6:30) Credits: Jürgen Dollase — keyboards, vocals, bass Bill Barone — guitar, vocals Harald Grosskopf — drums, percussion Jerry Berkers — bass, vocals Producer — […]

Tangerine Dream ‎– Zeit (1972)

Zeit is the third album by German electronic trio Tangerine Dream, released in 1972 as a two-LP set on Ohr/Virgin. Tracklist: A. “Birth of Liquid Plejades” (20:00) B. “Nebulous Dawn” (18:00) C. “Origin of Supernatural Probabilities” (20:12) D. “Zeit” (17:43) Credits: Edgar Froese — guitar, electronics, sleeve design, cover art Christopher Franke — synthesizer, cymbals, keyboards […]

Nektar – …Sounds Like This (1973)

…Sounds Like This is a double-album by English/German space-rock/jam-rock band Nektar, recorded live in studio released in April 1973 on Bacillus. Tracklist: A1. “Good Day” (6:46) A2. “New Day Dawning” (5:04) A3. “What Ya Gonna Do?” (5:25) B1. “1-2-3-4” (12:50) B2. “Do You Believe in Magic” (7:20) C1. “Cast Your Fate” (5:46) C2. “A Day […]