Diabolus was an English jazz-rock/psych band that recorded a self-titled album in 1971, blocked domestically but released on the German Bellaphon label. It has since become a cult classic. Members: John Hadfield (guitar, vocals), Anthony Hadfied (bass, vocals), Philip Howard (flute, keyboards, saxophone, organ, piano), Ellwood Von Seibold (drums) Formation Diabolus formed when guitarist/singer John […]

Diabolus ‎– Diabolus (1971)

Diabolus is the sole album by the namesake English jazz-rock/psych band, originally released in 1971 on the German Bellaphon label. Tracklist: A1. “Lonely Days” (7:08) A2. “Night Clouded Moon” (5:41) A3. “1002 Nights” (4:42) A4. “3 Piece Suite” (6:59) B1. “Lady of the Moon” (3:53) B2. “Laura Sleeping” (5:59) B3. “Spontenuity” (6:14) B4. “Raven’s Call” […]