Clearlight Symphony ‎– Clear Light Symphony (1973)

Clear Light Symphony is the debut album by French/English electronic/space-rock collective Clearlight, released in 1973 on Virgin. Tracklist: A. “Clearlight Symphony Part 1” (20:12)* B. “Clearlight Symphony Part 2” (20:35)** *(:01–6:05–12:45–20:18) **(:01–3:30–6:08, 6:10–8:52, 9:55–11:38–13:40+18:22–20:25) Credits: Cyrille Verdeaux — grand piano, organ, Mellotron, composer, arranger, producer, bass synth, gong Tim Blake — synthesizer, percussion, engineer, producer […]

White Noise

White Noise was the electronic/experimental musical project of English keyboardist, composer, and double-bassist David Vorhaus. The project initially yielded the album An Electric Storm, recorded with members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and released on Island in 1969. Vorhaus revitalized the White Noise nameplate for the album Concerto For Synthesizer on Virgin in 1975, followed […]