Dwayne Ford ‎– Needless Freaking (1981)

Needless Freaking is an album by Canadian singer/songwriter Dwayne Ford, released in 1981 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Lovin’ and Losin’ You” (3:20) A2. “Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love” (3:31) A3. “Stranger in Paradise” (3:25) A4. “The Hurricane” (3:54) B1. “Midnight Ride” (4:13) B2. “There’s a Life in Me” (4:32) B3. “The American Blues” […]

David Bendeth ‎– Adrenalin (1979)

Adrenalin is an album by English/Canadian jazz-funk guitarist David Bendeth, released in 1979 on Inter Global Music. Tracklist: A1. “Adrenalin” (6:25) A2. “Breakdown” (3:54) A3. “Easy Ridin’” (2:49) A4. “Lock Stock & Barrell” (4:13) A5. “Dr. Dimento” (0:42) B1. “Feel the Real” (3:46) B2. “Copycat” (5:27) B3. “Bozonoknowz” (3:26) B4. “Count Me Out” (4:00) B5. “Turbocharger” […]

BB Gabor ‎– BB Gabor (1980)

BB Gabor is the first of two albums by the namesake Hungarian/Canadian pop/rock musician/songwriter, released in 1980 on Anthem. Tracklist: A1. “Metropolitan Life” (2:41) A2. “Consumer” (2:48) A3. “Soviet Jewellery” (2:38) A4. “Laser Love” (4:10) A5. “Moscow Drug Club” (4:25) B1. “Underground World” (3:09) B2. “All the Time” (5:06) B3. “Hunger, Poverty & Misery” (3:46) […]