Dada was an English brass-rock-soul band that released a self-titled album on Atco in 1970. They featured the husband-wife team of guitarist Pete Gage and vocalist Elkie Brooks. After the album’s release, co-vocalist Paul Korda cleared way for ex-Alan Bown Set singer Robert Palmer. This ushered a reinvention as soul-rockers Vinegar Joe, which released three […]

Paul Korda

Paul Korda (1948 – March 11, 2020) was an English singer, songwriter, and producer who issued a string of ’60s-era singles, including the 1969 ecological number “Seagull,” also recorded by Love Sculpture. In 1970, he co-fronted the brass-rock big band Dada for one album on Atco. His first solo album, Passing Stranger, appeared in 1971 […]

Don Shinn

Don Shinn (born December 15, 1945) is an English keyboardist and composer who played in the ’60s beat groups The Soul Agents and The MeddyEvils. In 1969, he released the soul-jazz solo albums Temples With Prophets and Departures. In 1970, he co-founded Dada, a brass-rock-soul big band with singers Paul Korda and Elkie Brooks. After […]