Czar was an English symphonic-rock band from London that released a self-titled album and standalone single on Fontana, both in 1970. Three-fourths of the band hailed from Tuesday’s Children, which released six singles between 1966 and 1968. Organist Bob Hodges briefly played in the heavier psych-rock combo The Attack. Members: Paul Kendrick (vocals, bass), Mick […]

Czar ‎– Czar (1970)

Czar is the singular album by the namesake English symphonic/psych band, released in 1970 on Fontana. Tracklist: A1. “Tread Softly on My Dreams” (6:43) A2. “Cecelia” (8:20) A3. “Follow Me” (3:24) B1. “Dawning of a New Day” (6:15) B2. “Beyond the Moon” (3:49) B3. “Today” (3:28) B4. “A Day in September” (8:07) Credits: Bob Hodges — […]