Cos was a Belgian avant-jazz-rock band that released four albums on IBC between 1974 and 1979, followed by two 1983–84 titles on Lark. Keyboardist Charles Loos (Abraxis/Julverne) appears on the first and third albums, Postaeolian Train Robbery and Babel. Former Placebo keyboardist Marc Moulin produced their 1976 release Viva Boma, which features sundry instrumentation from […]

Cos ‎– Viva Boma (1976)

Viva Boma is the second album by Belgian avant-garde jazz-rock combo Cos, released in 1976 on IBC. Tracklist: A1. “Perhaps Next Record” (1:25) A2. “Viva Boma” (2:35) A3. “Nog Verder” (4:32) A4. “Boehme” (3:17) A5. “Flamboya” (7:33) B6. “In Lulu” (4:08) B7. “L’idiot Léon” (10:48) B8. “Ixelles” (5:02) CD reissue bonus tracks: 9. “Mon rebis” […]

Cos ‎– Postaeolian Train Robbery (1974)

Postaeolian Train Robbery is the debut album by Belgian avant-garde/jazz-rock collective Cos, released in 1974 on Plus Records. Tracklist: A1. “Postaeolian Train Robbery” (4:13) A2. “Cocalnut” (7:20) A3. “Amafam” (8:24) B1. “Karbok B2. “Populi” (3:30) B3. “Halucal” (3:50) B4. “Coloc” (9:47) Credits: Vocals, Oboe – Pascale Son Bass – Alain Goutier Drums – Robert Dartsch […]