Sixty-Nine – Live! (1974)

Live! is the second album by German hard-rock/jam-band Sixty-Nine, released in 1974 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Just Right Here and Now” (4:48) A2. “Red Guitar” (3:50) A3. “Little Country Girl” (3:35) A4. “Seven Steps to Hell” (7:37) B1. “Frenzy Feelings” (4:06) B2. “Get Up” (12:18) C1. “The Confiscated Car” (5:10) C2. “Bach’s broken Trumpet” (10:22) D1. […]

Toto Blanke – Spider’s Dance (1975)

Spider’s Dance is the debut solo album by German jazz-rock guitarist Toto Blanke, released in 1975 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “Lady’s Bicycle Seat Smeller” (7:00) A2. “Intermission” (6:58) A3. “Rocbaron” (2:45) A4. “Toto” (6:22) B1. “Spider’s Dance” (4:33) B2. “Prelude” (0:58) B3. “Slight Touch of Hepatitis” (14:28) Credits: Toto Blanke — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, […]

Eurythmics ‎– In the Garden (1981)

In the Garden is the debut album by English art-pop duo the Eurythmics, released in 1981 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “English Summer” (4:02) A2. “Belinda” (3:58) A3. “Take Me to Your Heart” (3:35) A4. “She’s Invisible Now” (3:30) A5. “Your Time Will Come” (4:34) B1. “Caveman Head” (3:59) B2. “Never Gonna Cry Again” (3:05) B3. […]

Devo ‎– Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978)

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! is the debut album by American New Wave/performance-art band Devo, released in 1978 on Virgin/Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Uncontrollable Urge” (3:08) A2. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (2:38) A3. “Praying Hands” (2:47) A4. “Space Junk” (2:13) A5. “Mongoloid” (3:42) A6. “Jocko Homo” (3:38) B1. “Too Much Paranoias” […]

Ultravox ‎– Systems of Romance (1978)

Systems of Romance is the third album by English art rock/New Wave band Ultravox, released in 1978 on Island Records. Tracklist: A1. “Slow Motion” (3:21) A2. “I Can’t Stay Long” (4:13) A3. “Someone Else’s Clothes” (4:19) A4. “Blue Light” (3:04) A5. “Some of Them” (2:26) B1. “Quiet Men” (4:03) B2. “Dislocation” (2:47) B3. “Maximum Acceleration” […]

Kraftwerk ‎– Ralf & Florian (1973)

Ralf & Florian is the third album by German electronic duo Kraftwerk, released in 1973 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Elektrisches Roulette” (4:19) A2. “Tongebirge” (2:50) A3. “Kristallo” (6:18) A4. “Heimatklänge” (3:45) B1. “Tanzmusik” (6:34) B2. “Ananas Symphonie” (13:55) Credits: Ralf Hütter – vocals, keyboards, organ, electronics, bass guitar, guitar, drums, percussion Florian Schneider – vocals, […]

Hoelderlin ‎– Clowns & Clouds (1976)

Clowns & Clouds is the third album by German symphonic-rock band Hoelderlin, released in 1976 on Spiegelei. Tracklist: A1. “Madhouse” (6:48) A2. “Your Eyes” (6:12) A3. “Circus” (10:07) –a. “Tango Mili” –b. “Marching” –c. “Sensations” B1. “Streaming” (7:12) B2. “Phasing” (12:10) Credits: Hans Bäär — bass, guitar Michael Bruchmann — drums, percussion Christian Grumbkow — […]

Streetmark ‎– Nordland (1976)

Nordland is the debut album by German symphonic-rock band Streetmark, released in 1976 on Sky. Tracklist: A1. House of Three Windows —a. “House for Hire” (3:15) —b. “Green Velvet Curtains” (2:20) —c. “Eleanor Rigby” (5:20) A2. “Amleth Saga” (7:10) A3. “Italian Concert in Rock” (2:30) B1. Nordland —a. “Waves and Visions” (2:50) —b. “Lyster Fjord” (7:24) […]

Kraan ‎– Andy Nogger (1974)

Andy Nogger is the third album by German jazz-rock/funk band Kraan, released in 1974 on Spiegelei. Tracklist: A1. “Stars” (5:17) A2. “Andy Nogger” (3:50) A3. “Nam Nam” (5:50) A4. “Son of the Sun” (5:02) B1. “Holiday am Marterhorn” (7:40) B2. “Home” (5:40) B3. “Yellow Bamboo” (4:25) Credits: Peter Wolbrandt — guitar, vocals Jan Fride — […]

Joachim Kühn ‎– Cinemascope (1974)

Cinemascope is an album by German jazz pianist Joachim Kühn, released in 1974 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Zoom (Part 1)” (5:26) A2. “Zoom (Part 2)” (3:44) A3. “One String More” (8:18) A4. “Vibrator” (2:16) B1. “Travelling (Part 1)” (5:10) B2. “Travelling (Part 2)” (6:27) B3. “Success” (5:06) B4. “Black Tears” (5:16) Credits: Rolf Kühn — producer, […]

Kraftwerk ‎– Autobahn (1974)

Autobahn is the fourth album by German electronic combo Kraftwerk, released in 1974 on Philips/Vertigo. Tracklist: A. “Autobahn” (22:30) B1. “Kometenmelodie 1” (6:20) B2. “Kometenmelodie 2” (5:44) B3. “Mitternacht” (4:40) B4. “Morgenspaziergang” (4:00) Credits: Ralf Hütter — producer, voice, electronics, synthesizer, organ, piano, guitar, electronic drums Florian Schneider — producer, voice, vocoder, electronics, synthesizer, flute, electronic […]

Birth Control – Backdoor Possibilities (1976)

Backdoor Possibilities is the sixth studio album by German symphonic/hard-rock band Birth Control, released in 1976 on Brain. Tracklist: A1. “One First of April: Prologue / Physical and Mental Short Circuit / Subterranean Escape” (7:36) A2. “Beedeepees: Beedeepees / Childhood Flash-Back / Legal Labyrinth” (8:37) A3. “Futile Prayer” (5:54) B1. “La Ciguena de Zaragoza: The […]

Kraan – Let It Out (1975)

Let It Out is the fourth studio album by German jazz-rock/funk band Kraan, released in 1975 on Spiegelei. Tracklist: A1. “Bandits in the Woods” (4:20) A2. “Luftpost” (5:12) A3. “Degado” (4:54) A4. “Prima Klima” (4:40) B1. “Let it Out” (6:12) B2. “Die Maschine” (4:45) B3. “Heimweh nach Übersee” (3:07) B4. “Picnic International” (5:20) Credits: Peter […]

Ultravox ‎– Vienna (1980)

Vienna is the fourth album by English art rock/New Wave band Ultravox, released in 1980 on Chrysalis Records. Tracklist: A1. “Astradyne” (7:07) A2. “New Europeans” (4:00) A3. “Private Lives” (4:06) A4. “Passing Strangers” (3:49) A5. “Sleepwalk” (3:10) B1. “Mr. X” (6:33) B2. “Western Promise” (5:44) B3. “Vienna” (4:52) B4. “All Stood Still” (4:23) B-side: “Passionate Reply” […]