Commando M Pigg

Commando M Pigg were a Swedish New Wave band that released four albums and assorted singles on MNW between 1981 and 1986. Members: Eva Sonesson (vocals), Anders Karlsmark (bass), Svante Fregert (drums, 1980-85), Björn Wallgren (guitar, 1980-82), Peter Puders (guitar, 1982-90), Robert Halldin (drums, 1985-86), Anders Hernestam (drums, 1986-90) Discography: Commando M. Pigg (1981) Mot […]

Commando M. Pigg ‎– Commando M. Pigg (1981)

Commando M. Pigg is the first of two albums by the namesake Swedish New Wavers, released in 1981 on MNW. Tracklist: A1. “Svenska fötter” (3:18) A2. “Ung och blek” (3:36) A3. “Om nej” (2:12) A4. “Lillebror” (4:00) A5. “Buick Electra” (3:06) A6. “Nobody” (2:17) B1. “Tom Puss” (6:53) B2. “Luger” (3:10) B3. “Att kasta spjut” […]