Deaf School

Deaf School are an English art-rock band that released three albums on Warner Brothers between 1976 and 1978. On its first two albums — 2nd Honeymoon (1976) and Don’t Stop the World (1977) — the band pairs ’30s/’40s ambience (cabaret, music hall) with the lavish arrangements of contemporary theatrical pop (Sparks, Sailor, Cockney Rebel, Brian […]

Clive Langer & The Boxes

Clive Langer & The Boxes were an English new wave band that released the 1979 EP I Want the Whole World on Radar, followed by the 1980 album Splash on F-Beat. Langer served beforehand as the guitarist–songwriter of Liverpool legends Deaf School. He produced subsequent albums by Madness, Elvis Costello, and former bandmate Bette Bright. […]

Big in Japan

Big in Japan was an English punk band from Liverpool that recorded ten songs, including “Society for Cutting Up Men” and the four-song 1978 EP From Y to Z and Never Again. Their lineup included two passing members of Deaf School and future stars Budgie (Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees), Ian Broudie (Original Mirrors, Care), Jayne […]

Bette Bright ‎– Rhythm Breaks the Ice (1981)

Rhythm Breaks the Ice is the first and only solo album by Liverpudlian torch/pop singer Bette Bright, recorded with her backing band the Illuminations and released in 1981 on Korova. The album was produced by fellow Deaf School alumni Clive Langer, who wrote/co-wrote four of the songs. The song “Thunder and Lightning,” which originally appeared […]

Madness ‎– One Step Beyond… (1979)

One Step Beyond… is the debut album by English two-tone/ska sextet Madness, released in October 1979 on Stiff Records. Tracklist: A1. “One Step Beyond…” (2:17) A2. “My Girl” (2:44) A3. “Night Boat to Cairo” (3:28) A4. “Believe Me” (2:28) A5. “Land of Hope & Glory” (2:56) A6. “The Prince” (3:17) A7. “Tarzan’s Nuts” (2:23) B1. […]

Deaf School ‎– English Boys, Working Girls (1978)

English Boys, Working Girls is the third album by English New Wave/art-rock band Deaf School, released in 1978 on Warner Bros. It was produced by South African studio wunderkind Robert John Lange, whose other credits from this period include albums by City Boy, The Boomtown Rats, and Graham Parker and the Rumour. Abandoning the inner-war/music […]

Deaf School ‎– 2nd Honeymoon (1976)

2nd Honeymoon is the debut album by Liverpudlian cabaret/art-rock nine-piece Deaf School, released in 1976 on Warner Bros. It was produced by Muff Winwood, whose other credits from the period include albums by Sparks (Kimono My House, Propaganda), Burlesque, and the Fabulous Poodles. Tracklist: A1. “What a Way to End It All” (2:56) A2. “Where’s […]

Deaf School ‎– Don’t Stop the World (1977)

Don’t Stop the World is the second album by Liverpudlian New Wave/art-rock octet Deaf School, released in 1977 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Stop the World” (3:14) A2. “What a Jerk” (3:42) A3. “Darling” (3:18) A4. “Everything for the Dancer” (1:08) A5. “Capaldi’s Cafe” (4:51) B1. “Hypertention Yeah Yeah Yeah” (2:56) B2. “It’s a […]

Clive Langer & The Boxes ‎– Splash (1980)

Splash is the first and only full-length album by Liverpudlian writer/producer Clive Langer and his backing band The Boxes, released in 1980 on F-Beat. The ex-Deaf School mastermind shares production duties with fellow bespectacled tunesmith Elvis Costello on two tracks. Tracklist: A1. “Hello” (3:02) A2. “Never Wanted You” (3:10) A3. “Ain’t Gonna Kiss Ya” (2:30) […]