Clannad are a Celtic Irish folk-rock/New Age collective that was initially active as a recording entity between the early 1970s and late 1990s. Members: Ciarán Ó Braonáin [Ciara Brennan] (bass, guitar, keyboards), Pól Ó Braonáin [Pól Brennan / Paul Brennan] (tin whistle, flute, guitar, keyboards, 1970-90, 2011-present), Pádraig Ó Dúgáin [Pat Duggan] (mandolin, harmonica, guitar, […]

Clannad ‎– Sirius (1987)

Sirius is the ninth studio album by Irish New Age/Celt-folk ensemble Clannad, released in 1987 on RCA. Tracklist: 1. “In Search of a Heart” (3:52) 2. “Second Nature” (3:20) 3. “Turning Tide” (4:39) 4. “Skellig” (4:47) 5. “Stepping Stone” (3:51) 6. “White Fool” (4:39) 7. “Something to Believe In” (4:46) 8. “Live and Learn” (3:34) 9. […]

Clannad ‎– Legend (1984)

Legend is the seventh studio album by Irish Celt-folk/New Age combo Clannad, recorded as the soundtrack to ITV’s Robin of Sherwood series and released in 1984 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “Robin (The Hooded Man)” (2:48) A2. “Now Is Here” (3:32) A3. “Herne” (5:08) A4. “Together We” (3:28) A5. “Darkmere” (1:59) B1. “Strange Land” (3:10) B2. “Scarlet […]

Clannad ‎– Clannad (1973)

Clannad is the debut album by the namesake Irish Celt-folk ensemble, released in 1973 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “Níl Sé Ina La” (4:50) A2. “Thíos Chois Na Trá Domh” (2:55) A3. “Brian Boru’s March” (3:50) A4. “Siobhán Ní Dhuibhir” (4:30) A5. “An Mhaighdean Mhara” (2:10) A6. “Liza” (2:00) B1. “An tOileán Úr” (4:03) B2. “Mrs. McDermott” […]