Panal were a Chilean Latin-rock septet that released a self-titled album on IRT in 1973. The band consisted of veterans from Santiago’s ’60s beat and psych scenes, most notably brother/sister pair Carlos and Denise Corales, who had earlier played together in Aguaturbia. Members: Pepe Ureta (bass), Patricio Salazar (drums), Ivan Ahumada (percussion, vocals), Juan Hernández […]

Matías Pizarro

Matías Pizarro is a Chilean Latin-jazz/rock pianist who was prolific on the Santiago music scene during the 1970s and ’80s, having played in Matías Pizarro Y Su Orquesta, Sol, Fusión, Tamarugo, and Skuas. In 1975 he released a solo album, Pelo de Rata, on Promúsica. Discography: Pelo de Rata (1975)

Los Jaivas

Los Jaivas are a Chilean folk-rock band that formed in Viña del Mar in 1963. Over the coarse of a half-century, the band has undergone numerous line-up changes and developments in musical style. The one constant throughout the band’s history has been pianist/vocalist Claudio Parra, who co-founded the band with his two brothers. Internationally, the […]


Latinomusicaviva were a Chilean jazz-rock ensemble that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1978. The project was headed by vibraphonist/director Guillermo Rifo, who headed the similarly themed Hindemith76 two years earlier. Members: Guillermo Rifo (vibraphone, percussion, arranger, director), Emilio Donatucci (bassoon), Víctor Gutiérrez (clarinet, saxophone), Patricio Salazar (percussion), Carlos Corales (guitar), Marcelo Loyola, […]


Fusión were a Chilean jazz-rock band that issued one album, Top Soul, on Alba in 1975. The band was headed by pianist Matías Pizarro, who also released his singular solo album, Pelo de Rata, to much applause that same year. Members: Matías Pizarro (piano), Enrique Luna (bass, contrabass), Sandro Salvati, (alto saxophone, 1972-74), Lautaro Rosas […]


Fulano are a Chilean avant-jazz/rock band that was initially active between 1984 and 2003. The band drew international applause in 1987 with their self-titled debut album, which was followed by three further titles over the next 12 years. In 2009, the band reconvened and have since issued a fifth album. Members: Arlette Jecquier (vocals, clarinet), […]


Electrodomésticos are a Chilean coldwave band that was initially active during the mid-to-late 1980s. In 1986, the band debuted on EMI with the cassette/vinyl release ¡Viva Chile! The following year, they released the cassette-only Carreras de éxitos. After years of inactivity, the band reconvened in the mid-2000s. Members: Carlos Cabezas (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Silvio Paredes […]


Congreso are a Chilean folk-rock band that has released 17 studio albums since 1971. The band are most renown internationally for their ’80s-era string of symphonic/jazz/folk albums such as Viaje por la Cresta del Mundo (1981) and Pájaros de Arcilla (1984). Over the years, the band has endured with its native Quilpué audience with a mix […]


Blops were a Chilean pop/psych/folk band that released three albums during the early 1970s. Formed in 1964, the band underwent numerous lineup changes in the years leading up to their first album. The band garnered international respect with 1973’s Locomotora but disbanded soon after, only to reunite twice in later years. Members: Julio Villalobos (vocals, […]


Bandhada are a Chilean classical/jazz-rock band that was initially active between 1983 and 1990, during which they issued a self-titled album and a namesake cassette-only release. The nameplate was resurrected with new and old members in Los Angeles in the mid-2000s. In 2009, the band issued a third album 22 years after its predecessor. Members: […]


Aquila were a Chilean jazz-rock quintet that released a self-titled album on the Alba label in 1974. Keyboardist Guillermo Olivares had earlier played in Satiago psych merchants Kissing Spell. Saxist Sandro Salvati also played for a time in Matías Pizarro‘s Fusión, which issued their singular album, Top Soul, the following year. Members: Sergio Meli (drums), […]