Carol of Harvest

Carol of Harvest was a German symphonic-folk band that released a self-titled album on Brutkasten in 1978. Members: Axel Schmierer (composer, guitar, keyboards, programming), Beate Krause (vocals, 1976-78), Jürgen Kolb (keyboards, 1976-78), Heinz Reinschlüssel (bass, 1976-78), Robert Högn (drums, 1976-78), Ewa Grams (vocals, 2007-present) Carol of Harvest was formed in late ’70s Fürth, Franconia, by […]

Carol of Harvest – Carol of Harvest (1978)

Carol of Harvest is the singular album by the namesake German symphonic/folk-rock band, released in 1978 on Brutkasten. Tracklist: A1. “Put On Your Nightcap” (16:02 — :01-10:20, 10:25-15:58) A2. “You and Me” (2:31) B1. “Somewhere at the End of Our Rainbow” (6:25) B2. “Treary Eyes” (4:17) B3. “Try a Little Bit” (9:59) Credits: Axel Schmierer […]