Axiom was an Australian rustic-rock band from Melbourne that released the 1970 Parlophone album Fool’s Gold, followed by the 1971 Warner release If Only…. They featured ex-Twilights singer Glenn Shorrock and former Groop keyboardist–songwriter Brian Cadd. Shorrock later found global stardom with the Little River Band. Members: Glenn Shorrock (vocals), Brian Cadd (organ), Doug Lavery […]

Brian Cadd

Brian Cadd (born Nov. 29, 1946) is an Australian singer/songwriter from Sydney who recorded two albums with rustic-rockers Axiom circa 1970/71, followed by five solo albums on Bootleg and Interfusion between 1972 and 1978. Discography: Brian Cadd (1972) Parabrahm (1973) Moonshine (1974) White on White (1977) Yesterdaydreams (1978) No Stone Unturned (1985)

Axiom ‎– Fool’s Gold (1970)

Fool’s Gold is the debut album by Australian rustic-pop quintet Axiom, released in 1970 on Parlophone. Tracklist: A1. “Arkansas Grass” A2. “Baby Bear” A3. “Ford’s Bridge” A4. “Samantha” A5. “Take It or Leave It” A6. “A Little Ray of Sunshine” B1. “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” B2. “Mansfield Hotel” B3. “Can’t Let Go of This Feeling” […]