Rush ‎– Signals (1982)

Signals is the ninth studio album by Canadian modern-rock trio Rush, released in 1982 on Anthem/Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “Subdivisions” (5:34) A2. “The Analog Kid” (4:47) A3. “Chemistry” (4:56) A4. “Digital Man” (6:23) B1. “The Weapon” (6:27) B2. “New World Man” (3:44) B3. “Losing It” (4:53) B4. “Countdown” (5:48) Credits: Geddy Lee — bass guitar, synthesizer, […]

Lisa Dal Bello ‎– Drastic Measures (1981)

Drastic Measures is the third album by Canadian vocalist/musician Lisa Dal Bello, released in 1981 on Capitol. The album marked a transitional phase between her earlier pop releases and her subsequent years as a performance artist under the moniker Dalbello. Tracklist: A1. “Never Get to Heaven” (3:00) A2. “You Could Be Good for Me” (3:20) […]

FM – City of Fear (1980)

City of Fear is the fourth album by Canadian electro/modernist hard-rock band FM, produced by Larry Fast and released in 1980 on Passport. Tracklist: A1. “Krakow” (4:37) A2. “Power” (3:28) A3. “Truth or Consequences” (4:13) A4. “Lost and Found” (4:25) A5. “City of Fear” (5:07) B1. “Surface to Air” (5:18) B2. “Up to You” (4:21) […]