Genesis was an English rock band that released fifteen studio albums between 1969 and 1997. They formed as a baroque-psych quintet at Charterhouse school and cut their debut album, From Genesis to Revelation, under the guidance of producer Jonathan King. The original lineup featured singer Peter Gabriel, keyboardist Tony Banks, guitarist Anthony Phillips, and bassist […]

Genesis ‎– From Genesis to Revelation (1969)

From Genesis to Revelation is the 1969 debut album from English quintet Genesis. Recorded in 1968 while the teenage members were still enrolled at Charterhouse boarding school, the album was produced by eccentric pop maestro Jonathan King. Mood-wise, the album ranges from orchestral melodrama (“In the Wilderness”) and lithe romanticism (“One Day”) to haunting suspense […]

Intergalactic Touring Band

The Intergalactic Touring Band was a fictitious group of British and American singers and musicians that recorded a sci-fi concept album, produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas and released on Passport Records (US) and Charisma (UK) in 1977. The songs were written and arranged by Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone. Intergalactic Touring Band features […]

Anthony Phillips ‎– Sides (1979)

Sides is the third proper solo album by English guitarist/composer Anthony Phillips, released in 1979 on Passport/Arista. Tracklist: Um: A1. “Um and Aargh” (4:50) A2. “I Want Your Love” (3:54) A3. “Holy Deadlock” (4:05) A4. “Lucy Will” (3:23) A5. “Side Door” (3:48) Aargh: B1. “Sisters of Remindum” (4:29) B2. “Bleak House” (6:13) B3. “Magdalen” (7:45) […]

Anthony Phillips ‎– Wise After the Event (1978)

Wise After the Event is the second solo album by English guitarist/composer Anthony Phillips, released in 1978 on Passport/Arista. Tracklist: A1. “We’re All as We Lie” (4:34) A2. “Birdsong” (7:30) A3. “Moonshooter” (5:52) A4. “Wise After the Event” (8:45) B1. “Pulling Faces” (4:32) B2. “Regrets” (5:15) B3. “Greenhouse” (3:00) B4. “Paperchase” (5:28) B5. “Now What […]

Anthony Phillips ‎– The Geese & the Ghost (1977)

The Geese & the Ghost is the debut solo album by multi-instrumentalist/composer Anthony Phillips, issued in 1977 on Passport. Released seven years after his departure from Genesis, the album is primarily a collaboration with his former bandmate Mike Rutherford. Tracklist: A1. Wind-Tales (1:02) A2. Which Way the Wind Blows (5:51) A3. Henry: Portraits From Tudor […]

Genesis ‎– Trespass (1970)

Trespass is the second album by English five-piece Genesis, released in 1970 on Charisma. Recorded two years after their debut, the album witnesses the band’s leap into multi-movement song-form — an approach carried most elaborately through the slow, shifting development of “Stagnation” and across the roaring, flaming intensity of “The Knife.” Elsewhere, the emotional tenderness […]

Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips is an English multi-instrumentalist and composer with a career dating back to the late 1960s. As a solo artist, he’s recorded more than thirty albums. Phillips entered the scene as a member of Genesis, which he co-founded in 1967 with fellow pupils at Charterhouse boarding school. He serves as their primary guitarist on […]