Be-Bop Deluxe

Be-Bop Deluxe was an English rock band led by guitarist and songwriter Bill Nelson. The first lineup released the glam-inspired Axe Victim on Harvest in 1974. Nelson reconfigured the band as a three-piece for the 1975 album Futurama, comprised of lavish, theatrical rock epics. With keyboardist Andy Clark, they made the 1976 pomp-rock albums Sunburst […]

Toyah ‎– The Changeling (1982)

The Changeling is the fourth album by English New Wave vocalist/performance artist Toyah Willcox, released in 1982 on Safari. Keyboards on the album were played by Be-Bop Deluxe/Red Noise alumnus Andy Clark. Tracklist: A1. “Creepy Room” (3:20) A2. “Street Creature” (4:00) A3. “Castaways” (3:57) A4. “The Druids” (3:31) A5. “Angel and Me” (4:47) B1. “The […]

Bill Nelson’s Red Noise ‎– Sound on Sound (1979)

Sound-on-Sound is the sole album by Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, the guitarist/vocalist’s makeshift combo between the fold of Be-Bop Deluxe and the launch of his solo career. The album was produced by John Leckie and released in 1979 on EMI’s Harvest imprint. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric)” (1:50) A2. “For Young Moderns” (4:24) […]

Wilding / Bonus ‎– Pleasure Signals (1978)

Pleasure Signals is a jazz-rock collaborative effort between flutist Danny Wilding and guitarist Pete Bonas, released in 1978 on Visa Records. The pair are backed by assorted Brand X members and Automatic Man alumni. Tracklist: A1. “Race for Space” (3:30) A2. “G. Storm” (3:20) A3. “Oddysey” (3:12) A4. “Earth Hymn” (4:45) A5. “Rampage” (4:35) B1. […]

Be-Bop Deluxe ‎– Drastic Plastic (1978)

Drastic Plastic is the fifth and final studio album by English art-rockers Be-Bop Deluxe, recorded in 1977 and released in February 1978 on Harvest. Tracklist: A1. “Electrical Language” (4:50) A2. “New Precision” (4:30) A3. “New Mysteries” (4:44) A4. “Surreal Estate” (5:00) A5. “Love in Flames” (4:09) B1. “Panic in the World” (5:04) B2. “Dangerous Stranger” […]

Be-Bop Deluxe – Modern Music (1976)

Modern Music is the fourth album by English art-rock band Be-Bop Deluxe, released in September 1976 on Harvest. Tracklist: A1. Orphans of Babylon (3:11) A2. Twilight Capers (4:26) A3. Kiss of Light* (3:20) A4. The Bird Charmers Destiny (1:35) A5. The Gold at the End of My Rainbow (3:50) A6. Bring Back the Spark (3:57) […]

UPP ‎– This Way (1976)

This Way is the second album by English soul/funk operative UPP, released in 1976 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Never Turn My Back on You” (8:25) A2. “Groovin’ Mood” (3:20) A3. “Say Goodbye” (5:00) B1. “Dance Your Troubles Away” (3:40) B2. “I Don’t Want Nothing (To Change)” (3:25) B3. “There’s Still Hope” (4:00) B4. “Nitto” (3:50) […]

Clark Hutchinson

Clark-Hutchinson was an English jam-rock duo comprised of keyboardist Andy Clark and guitarist Mick Hutchinson with assorted rhythm players. In 1969, they released the instrumental raga-rock album A = MH² on Decca, followed by the bluesier 1970 release Retribution on Deram. The more song-oriented Gestalt followed in 1971. Clark — not to be confused with […]


UPP was an English jazz-funk band that released two albums on Epic during 1975 and 1976, the first produced by Jeff Beck. Drummer Jimmy Copley hailed from rustic-rockers Spreadeagle; he later did session work for Ann Lewis, The Quick, Go West, and Killing Joke. Keyboardist Andy Clark recorded three 1969–71 albums as part of the […]