Andromeda was a German organ-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on Vogue in 1970. Members: Peter Schild (Hammond organ, piano), Tony Hendrik (guitar), Gerry Fleming (bass), Günter Steinborn (drums) Andromeda centered on the duo of keyboardist Peter Schild and drummer Günter Steinborn, both members of Cologne beatsters The Tony Hendrik Five. Hemdrik himself played […]

Andromeda ‎– Andromeda (1970)

Andromeda is the first and only album by the namesake German organ-rock/psych band, released in 1970 on Vogue Schallplatten. Tracklist: A1. “Andromeda” (5:06) A2. “Cosmos Main Road” (5:15) A3. “Galaxy of Beauty, Galaxy of Nightmare” (4:30) A4. “A World on a Star” (4:40) B1. “Space Trip” (7:30) B2. “Rockets” (8:25) B3. “Silvery Lady Star” (4:35) […]