Ambrosia – Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled (1976)

Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled is the second album by American symphonic/art-rock band Ambrosia, produced by Alan Parsons and released in 1976 on 20th Century Records. A gala of sound and spectacle, the album spins with the xylophone gusts that course through “The Brunt” and the spiraling ivory of “Danse With Me George.” Earlier on, “Cowboy […]


Ambrosia is an American rock band that released the 1975–76 20th Century albums Ambrosia and Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled, followed by the 1978–82 Warner albums Life Beyond L.A., One Eighty, and Road Island. Their style evolved from symphonic art-rock to West Coast blue-eyed soul. Ambrosia’s chart hits include “Holdin’ on to Yesterday,” and the soft-rock […]

Ambrosia ‎– Road Island (1982)

Road Island is the fifth and final studio album by American art-rock/blue-eyed soul band Ambrosia, released in 1982 on Warner Bros. The album’s cover art was done by Ralph Steadman, best known for his illustration/animation work in assorted media for Pink Floyd‘s The Wall. Tracklist: A1. “For Openers (Welcome Home)” (5:35) A2. “Still Not Satisfied” […]

Ambrosia ‎– Life Beyond L.A. (1978)

Life Beyond L.A. is the third album by American art-rockers Ambrosia, released in 1978 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Life Beyond L.A.” (4:47) A2. “Art Beware” (2:15) A3. “Apothecary” (4:53) A4. “If Heaven Could Find Me” (4:29) A5. “How Much I Feel” (4:44) B1. “Dancin’ by Myself” (4:42) B2. “Angola” (3:52) B3. “Heart to Heart” […]

Ambrosia ‎– Ambrosia (1975)

Ambrosia is the debut album by Ambrosia, engineered by Alan Parsons and released in 1975 on 20th Century Records. Tracklist: A1. “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” (5:55) A2. “Time Waits for No One” (4:53) A3. “Holdin’ On to Yesterday” (4:19) A4. “World Leave Me Alone” (3:18) B1. “Make Us All Aware” (4:29) B2. “Lover Arrive” (3:11) B3. […]