Jeremy Steig – Temple of Birth (1975)

Temple of Birth is an album by jazz flutist Jeremy Steig, released in 1975 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “King Tut Strut” (8:38) A2. “Gale” (2:35) A3. “Ouanga” (7:58) A4. “Mountain Dew Dues” (3:53) B1. “Goose Bumps” (3:56) B2. “Belly Up” (3:16) B3. “Temple of Birth” (2:14) B4. “Shifte-Telle Mama” (9:39) B5. “Rupunzel” (2:51) Credits: Acoustic […]

The Eleventh House Featuring Larry Coryell ‎– Level One (1975)

Level One is the second album by Larry Coryell’s Eleventh House, released in 1975 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Level One” (3:02) A2. “The Other Side” (4:35) A3. “Diedra” (3:56) A4. “Some Greasy Stuff” (3:30) A5. “Nyctaphobia” (4:03) B1. “Suite: Entrance / Repose / Exit” (5:32) B2. “Eyes of Love” (2:25) B3. “Struttin’ With Sunshine” (3:20) […]

Piano Conclave ‎– Palais Anthology (1975)

Palais Anthology is a one-off album by multinational jazz-rock supergroup Piano Conclave, released in 1975 on MPS. Arranged and directed by Swiss pianist/composer George Gruntz, the project grew out of his earlier 2001 Keys – Piano Conclave album and features most of the same personnel, including pianists Joachim Kühn, Jasper van’t Hof, and Gordon Beck. […]

Alphonse Mouzon – Mind Transplant (1975)

Mind Transplant is the third album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1975 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “Mind Transplant” (4:03) A2. “Snow Bound” (3:04) A3. “Carbon Dioxide” (4:36) A4. “Ascorbic Acid” (3:24) B1. “Happiness Is Loving You” (4:07) B2. “Some of the Things People Do” (3:38) B3. “Golden Rainbows” (6:52) B4. “Nitroglycerin” […]

Joachim Kühn feat. Alphonse Mouzon ‎– Hip Elegy (1976)

Hip Elegy is an album by German jazz-rock keyboardist/composer Joachim Kühn, released in 1976 on MPS. Tracklist: A1. “Seven Sacred Pools” (8:39) A2. “Travelling Love” (7:51) A3. “Bed Stories” (5:26) B1. “Hip Elegy in Kingsize” (8:33) B2. “Santa Cruz” (4:50) B3. “First Frisco” (7:09) Credits: Joachim Kühn — piano, fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, arp […]

Alphonse Mouzon ‎– The Man Incognito (1976)

The Man Incognito is the fourth album by American jazz-funk drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1976 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “Take Your Troubles Away” (5:03) A2. “Snake Walk” (3:49) A3. “Before You Leave” (4:26) A4. “Just Like the Sun” (6:30) B1. “You Are My Dream” (3:30) B2. “New York City” (4:06) B3. “Without a […]

Charles Sullivan ‎– Genesis (1974)

Genesis is the first of two ’70s-era albums by American jazz trumpeter Charles Sullivan, released in 1974 on Strata-East. Tracklist: A1. “Evening Song” (8:22) A2. “Good-Bye Sweet John (In Memory of John Foster: Pianist)” (5:50) A3. “Field Holler” (3:51) B1. “Now I’ll Sleep” (4:32) B2. “Genesis” (17:27) Credits: Alto Saxophone – Sonny Fortune Bass – […]

Alphonze Mouzon ‎– Funky Snakefoot (1974)

Funky Snakefoot is the second album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1974 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “I’ve Given You My Love” (4:43) A2. “You Don’t Know How Much I Love You” (4:40) A3. “I Gotta Have You” (2:46) A4. “My Life Is So Blue” (4:37) A5. “Funky Snakefoot” (3:45) A6. “My […]

Alphonse Mouzon ‎– Virtue (1977)

Virtue is the fifth album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1977 on the German MPS label. Tracklist: A1. “Master Funk” (3:40) A2. “Baker’s Daughter” (5:34) A3. “Come Into My Life” (5:10) A4. “Nyctophobia” (7:00) B1. “Virtue” (8:23) B2. “Poobli” (5:30) B3. “The Mouzon Drum Suite: a) Jazz-Rock Improvisation / b) Out of the Desert […]

Weather Report ‎– Weather Report (1971)

Weather Report is the debut album by the namesake multinational jazz-rock ensemble, released in 1971 on CBS/Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Milky Way” (2:30) A2. “Umbrellas” (3:24) A3. “Seventh Arrow” (5:20) A4. “Orange Lady” (8:40) B1. “Morning Lake” (4:23) B2. “Waterfall” (6:18) B3. “Tears” (3:22) B4. “Eurydice” (5:43) Credits: Joe Zawinul — piano, electric piano Wayne Shorter […]

McCoy Tyner ‎– Sahara (1972)

Sahara is an album by American post-bop pianist McCoy Tyner, released in 1972 on Milestone. The album marked the beginning of his decade-long stretch with the label. Half-sider “Ebony Queen” opens with a bare piano figure in B-flat. From there, the track proceeds to a brisk ensemble section where the sax of Sonny Fortune billows […]

The Eleventh House – Introducing The Eleventh House With Larry Coryell (1974)

Introducing The Eleventh House With Larry Coryell is the first of three albums by jazz-rock supergroup Eleventh House featuring guitarist Larry Coryell, drummer Alphonse Mouzon, and trumpeter Randy Brecker. The album was released in 1974 on Vanguard Records. Tracklist: A1. “Birdfingers” (3:07) A2. “The Funky Waltz” (5:10) A3. “Low-Lee-Tah” (4:17) A4. “Adam Smasher” (4:30) A5. […]

Alphonse Mouzon – The Essence of Mystery (1973)

The Essence of Mystery is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1973 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “The Essence Of Mystery” (4:55) A2. “Funky Finger” (3:40) A3. “Crying Angels” (5:23) A4. “Why Can’t We Make It” (3:27) A5. “Macrobian” (5:14) B1. “Spring Water” (6:27) B2. “Sunflower” (4:27) B3. “Thank […]